Managing the Review Queue on audiojungle


The review time for new tracks to be approved on audiojungle has been about a month for a while now, despite being told that it would get down to a week by the start of june. How about a policy of closing audio jungle to new authors until the queue is reduced to a week or under, and closing it again every time the queue gets over 10 days .
What do you think ?


I think more logically gradually reduce the time of approval. Envato market hired new employees, I think the approval time will be reduced.


Well, Envato’s idea is the exact opposite: To let in as many new guys with as many tracks as possible regardless what it means to the old guys and their bottom line. Remember how they got rid of the initial tests for new authors they once had in place to ensure at least a minimum quality? Or recently, when they gave preference to new authors so their stuff was reviewed within 3 days when everyone else waswaiting for 3 weeks or more, proven authors who are actually selling and helping this market exist were put on the back seat LOL. They got rid of that again, but these are clear signs as far as what the plan is and where this market is currently heading.


I know that Envato have hired more employees HeartDrumMachine, but it doesn’t seem to be doing anything. I don’t think that the new extra authors are bringing in significantly extra sales but probably just diluting what is already there - if going by the lack of sales and the general low morale on the forums is anything to go by. So how would Envato keep paying for and training extra staff ?


I think everything will be reduced gradually


Is this based on " being positive " and hoping or something you actually know WildLion ?:slight_smile:


I just believe in it )


Whatever the situation may be, some openness and communication from Envato would be nice. I’m fine even if they say it will take a half year to get the review times down. I just want to know what’s going on.


This strategy absolutly makes no sense for enavto, from my pov.
What do we see now: in spring of 2016 envato staff said this “7-10 days review queue by June”. 30 days now.

With all due respect, but excuse me Envato why you are giving promises, which are not possible to release in the end? The words which at least I would appreciate “well guys we are working on it, this should be fixed in 2016”. That is exactly what they should say, but no, we have useless promises, fooled around authors, and still - 30 days. Looks like a joke. Me, for example were happy to see this update, and lots of authors here for sure too. Now situation completly on the stage, were it was in the begininng of this update! This is nonsense. And this is not only about AJ, I am not envy WordPress guys, because situation there even worse, I would say completly terrible.
The biggest problem here that envato keeps ingoring authors ideas, look - there is still no: ID verification, exam, quality standarts of material are pretty low, market flooded with copypaste and stolen material and they just keep doing their strategy, which only could be understand by Envato staff in the end.


I really hope that Envato will manage the review time to a reasonable amounts. Maybe you need to hire some more stuff with your current expansion? Expansion is always good, it’s the new problems that allow you to grow - but the problems are to be solved. :wink:


I think better 26-28 days than 7-10 days because new tracks will be quickly lost in the search. You imagine the flow of new items per day/per month!


Hang on, are you saying that a longer queue makes the flow of items…slower?


It doesn’t make sense at all what Alivesound is saying :slight_smile: .If there are long review times it means that there is a very high volume of traffic coming through and that therefor your new track is more likely to disappear into the depths of eternal oblivion even quicker…:cry:


@FirstNote No no no :slight_smile: I think faster, because the flow will be more


Hahaha :laughing: Yep, I mean that: Very high volume of traffic coming through and that therefor your new track is more likely to disappear into the depths of eternal oblivion even quicker…


Sorted then ? :flushed:


@Totalthrive I’m afraid it won’t. Will be one continuous the flow, there isn’t good :pensive:


I think that the flow of new tracks and time hanging around the top of new items list is a more or less constant speed as there are a set number of reviewers who can only review at a certain speed, irrespective of how many tracks are in the never ending queue.

It’s not like the end of the queue is ever reached and then the last new tracks hang around around at the top of the new items list until more arrive.

The only thing that will change in all of this is the length of the review queue time.


@Totalthrive Maybe you are right, but maybe I.:slight_smile: You remember beginning of June? When envato tried to reduce the time from? for the first 3 days appeared about 50 new accounts and was endless flow new was awful :-1:


I know… we can try and work it out but it’s something we have no control over so we might as well just get on with what we do best…MOAN…sorry…COMPOSE