17 Days Still Queued for Review

9 years as a member here, and i have never been disappointed like this.
It’s been 17 days my new music Queued for Review. What went wrong?
Does this lockdown situation affect their internal workflow? On this kind of situation all creative people really rely on site like this.

Envato should be transparent on this particular process and improve their review workflow. Really.

I’m getting worried that our submitted materials are being ‘stolen’ , neglected, ignored and they’re prioritizing those top Authors first, since I know that the reviewers are also Authors. This will be sucks. Correct me if i’m wrong.


They are…


Thank you for your reply. At least i know what is going on.

I clearly understand this.

Perhaps Envato should have an automated email or notification system to let Authors who have queued review updated about their Review Status. If it takes longer than usual. So we don’t have to to keep going back to the site or Forums just to check it’s status.

Yes, thanks. I’m pretty sure i have followed the guidelines… I do have materials that’s been approved and sold here. :slight_smile: But i’m still not sure how this might help ‘reducing the queue time for others’

But anyways, thanks for your explanations about this.

I think it’s pretty clear.

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