AudioJungle Review Queues Update

We wanted to let you know that we’re currently experiencing higher than average queue lengths for submission to AudioJungle.

The reasons for this is likely a mix of factors, but the two that stand out are:

  • This is one of our seasonal surges
  • The impact of global isolation is giving more people time to create items

Due to these factors, our queue wait times are higher than normal.

We are currently looking into solutions around how to reduce the queues, and we appreciate your patience during this time.

Adhering to the author quality guidelines is still your best chance of having your items accepted, as well as reducing the queue time for others during this period.


Yes, it would be great to get rid of “the curse” of the long queue, despite the fact that loading limits have been introduced. 18-19 days too long.
Thank you!

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Thanks for the update, much appreciated :+1:

Thanks for the update ! :slight_smile:

If the limit would not exist this queue would be around 60 days…


What the hell kind of quality guidelines??? I believe that my reviewers Troll me! My skills have increased in four years, and my music has become much better! But I have become constantly rejected tracks! For the third time in a row. And for a year and all 10… There are no sales. So also began to reject constantly…

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Thanks for update :slight_smile:

And we appreciate you keeping us informed, Steve. Thanks for the update.

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just as i posted 17 Days Still Queued for Review , later that night i got rejected. :thinking:

Thanks for the update, Steve. I had already asked this question three weeks ago and am glad someone from Envato is addressing the issue.

While your explanations seem reasonable, what puzzles me is the fact that this issue is unique to AudioJungle, with any other market keeping their queues at a much shorter length.

Are we suggesting that self-isolation applies to composers and music producers more than any other media professionals? :smiley:
Or even worse: can anybody in self-isolation become a composer or a music producer so easily? :rofl:

Thanks again,

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Very correct question, a couple weeks ago I asked him, but no one answered. How is the AudioJungle worse than other, that we have of 18-20 days check queue and for other Envato Markets an average of 3-4 days?


Do you need to go outside to compose a melody? How about capture some drone footage? :thinking:

Yes, there are differences. And yes, at several distinct points over the years different markets have seen different historic queue times… When VideoHive was over 100 days, AudioJungle was not.

As many a seasoned AJ author could tell you, queue times rise and fall more than once very year. When the AJ queue was at 35 days, 18 felt fast… But when it had been at 3 days, 7 felt slow… and the rightfully puzzled questions of newer authors on the forums always followed suit.

The desire for consistency is certainly understood, but this certain tendency of yearly ups and downs will always mean that there may be significant swings in certain periods, in the spring and in the fall.

Thanks for your understanding, and for always staying curious :slight_smile:

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Thanks for contributing to this discussion, Adrien.

As I stated in a previous comment, I was more interested in the possible reasons behind this phenomenon and in no way as a complaint of what you describe as a physiological and recurring pattern. Everything you said makes sense and I thank you for offering the insights I was looking for… especially by breaking with your reply 7 months away from the forum… :rofl:
(sorry, that notification seemed funny…)

Jokes aside, I truly appreciate it!


Thanks for the update!

Hi Adrien! Previously, there were large queues of checks for up to 35 days for AudioJungle, because there were no limits for 5 tracks, 5 packs, 5 kits, etc. And after that, the line became an average of 7 days. But what now? Are limits no longer helping?

Tracks published with the same speed as usual, I think this is the main trouble:) Just imagine, queue is longer, but nothing changes. What happened if they accept 7-10 days for review right now?) I think it will be a lot of tracks per minute, and all of them going down very fast. So what reason for faster review now? This is terrible of course, I’m like a newcomer wants to add more tracks, but I understand how much people want to do that also :)) I honestly do not see a solution to the problem. Only less tracks.

There is always a way out. I think that 18-20 days of the verification queue is equivalent to saying that the market is “not working now.” And for some reason, the virus and everything connected with it affected only the AudioJungle Market. Strange coincidence. :blush: We are apparently special. :joy:

No.It’s not that you are a beginner and a big jump in the number of items. Newest items have always been here. A long queue has nothing to do with this.

Around 80% in the queue are tracks that get a hard rejection. In my opinion a system is needed to restrict uploading for people that got an amount of - let’s say - 3 rejections in a row for a time like 3 month.
This would also help about thinking twice about uploadung an item, so the queue would be relieved.

As always i have been saying, around 2000 new authors in the last two months (plus the old ones…), uploading, uploading, uploading… could be the reason, but dont trust too much what i say…


I partially don’t trust you. :joy: Ahahah. I’m kidding. :slightly_smiling_face: