dear envato !

you have not approved my songs for a long time. you’re breaking my heart :grin:

You can check it here.

Put your track here and we will not break your heart, we just appreciate your work!
Check queue here

Good luck!

i wish it would be accepted. i’ll wait 20 days :joy:

I have 3 years of waiting and nothing .:rofl:

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hahahah… 15 items and 50 sales…

you are so cruel :grin:

For 3 years But there are super authors who have a portfolio of 500 items and 600 sales (figures for example).

i think we’re entering a group of unlucky people :tired_face:

Risk group :sunglasses:

no trouble with waiting time :grinning:


let’s go for a beer with this risk group :smiley:

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