Review Turnaround For AudioJungle (18 days)


I don’t understand… We get limit on upload, but the review time increasing. (Should drop)
Am i the only one who thinks, that this is not normal?
Also, the sells have dropped a lot, i guess this means we need more activity on this website, to continue with success (More uploads).

Have a great weekend!

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Review time increasing as more authors increase as the global pandemic causes unemployment. Review times increase as reviewers get bogged down by the copy & paste authors who deluge the review queue with the same, albeit minor variations, tracks. Sales have dropped for a lot of authors due to financial limitations created by the global pandemic and also it seems that some authors have decided to price-dump their items creating music that has no worth for sellers but a bargain for buyers. When will creators learn - I doubt never until this marketplace is destroyed completely.

Having a great weekend thanks for asking.


Well, since they actually raised the limit from 5 to 30 for most authors, I don’t see how it could have yielded a different result. They seem not to have thought this one through.

@steve_lam, do you guys plan on rethinking this 30 limit? Or is Envato staff satisfied with the current still increasing review time?

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It’s hard to imagine that Envato, @steve_lam, or @hichameassi would be satisfied by this, as it serves no constituency well.

I had anticipated a brief period of increased queue times as the review backlog was sorted, but the current situation is simply unacceptable. We’re almost back to where we were a few years ago when review times were 29-30-31 days.

Yes, of course we must account for changes brought on by the global pandemic, and now, of course, the holiday season - but even so, these increased review times are an ongoing issue which must be addressed in a truly meaningful way. And increasing the upload limit to 30 tracks/month for “proven” authors (no matter the metric used to determine that status) does not seem to be a positive improvement.

I’ve not seen this phenomenon occurring on any other platform to which I contribute. What’s so unique about Envato/AJ that this should be happening?


@Steve_Iam I think this policy was a mistake. The other marketplaces do not have such long review queues. The alternative is hiring some more reviewers, is that something you might consider?

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Thanks for your messages. We have also noticed the queues steadily increasing, and as it was a potential possibility, we mentioned in our original post that we will re-assess as we go.

As you might understand, there are several factors that contribute to review queue lengths. To help clarify these, and make the best decisions we can, our plan is to see out the full calendar month before making any future decisions.

While it may seem like raising the limit to 30 has led to this effect, we haven’t seen many authors contributing more than before (90% of authors submit 7 items or less a month). The main contributing factor, at the moment, is that we’ve continued to see steady growth of new authors. This means that simply reducing the 30 item limit would not solve this.

We’ll keep you updated with future plans :slight_smile:


There were always long lines for checking before the Christmas Holidays. After the New Year, the queue is reduced to 4-7 days…


Thanks for checking in - it’s greatly appreciated.


Thanks for the response Steve. There has historically always been an issue with Audiojungle review queues, particularly when compare to the other marketplaces. It would be great if Envato would consider resolving this with increasing staff levels at busy times, there is surely data to predict when this might happen?

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