15 Days Review ?


15 Days For Review ? Why


Because too many people are uploading tracks.


yahh . but 15 days !!


Better than 30 days :stuck_out_tongue:


nooo Realy !!


Now it’s on 16 days.


To my view 15 days for review time is not a bad thing. Think this way, 15 days is limiting our upload to 5 music tracks every 2 weeks for non elite authors. So almost every one can only upload 1 music track every 3 days. This way there is not so many tracks going online and therefore your new tracks will have more chance to sell. Imagine if the review time was 5 days, almost everyone can upload 1 music track per day and therefore will be a greater tsunami of new tracks every day and your newest tracks would be flooded below the thousands of tracks that is going online everyday.
Thats my view on review time.


Yes, I have read that this is what happens: when the delay reduces… people upload like crazy… which in turns… leads to delay increasing.
So it self regulates :slight_smile:


Well, these weeks i don´t think that happenned, one and two weeks ago the queue was 14,5-15.
Only one day in difference