What happened with the review wait times?

I haven’t uploaded anything to Audiojungle in a while but recently I thought I would start up again and upload a few tracks but I noticed in the average review wait times and suddenly it’s 15 days?? I remember it used to be just a few days or something. Is Audiojungle going downhill or something?

Review time has always been fluctuating. It’s been as fast as a few minutes and as long as 35 days. It depends on many factors, and as the volume of uploads is ever increasing, it’s normal that the queue should get longer.

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have patience…
lots of new tracks here… :slight_smile:
Take it easy and have a beer with us! :smiley: :beer::beer::beers:

If the volume of uploads is increasing they’d make more money and hence hire more staff. If things were going well the review times would at least stay the same. It’s like with Apple, their review times when from about 5 days to now just 2 days because it’s going well.

That’s why I thought there must be something wrong.

That’s why I said average review times lol…