AudioJungle Sales Monitor 2

This is not a good decision.


@Marbury-Media its trendy now! “Absolutely dead”:disappointed_relieved:

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Do you have the motivation to write and upload new music at this point?

I feel new tracks are wasted

I don’t have the courage to uploading more music

Even the top authors in recent times have little sales

Audiojungle is now turning into a composition and composer cemetery

maybe I think wrong and feel

I think the situation will become clearer after 1-2 months


I hear you…came in late to this party, so sad i missed its golden age…but after 15 straight rejections with imo better material than was accepted before, and on top of everything else happening, its time to re-evaluate my options…wish everyone luck and greener pasteurs…


I guess you’re in the wrong forum :slight_smile: this is the right address for your comment


Who ever heard of a firewall for sales? :thinking:

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What is this? :thinking:

Anyone else getting a significant drop in US sales?

For all of 2018, sales to the USA make up 31% of my total income.

For October it was down to 25%.

Now, at the midpoint of November it is further down to 17%.

My sales in general are steady, but it looks like Americans are starting to go elsewhere.


October, November as usual USA in the first place in the list of sales for me. :thinking:
23 44

For 2018 statistics, also the USA on the 1st place.

Yep, USA still No.1 for me too, but it was always a long way ahead of the rest. Recently it’s lead has dropped for some reason.

Yes, now the difference is slightly less than in October (and other months), but I have less sales this month. Approximately 53%(decline from USA), but the month is not over yet(if count sales from October 1 to October 16 in relation to November 1 to November 16).

I heard of it some time ago but I’m not remember the name, its somethim that star with an “E” :wink:

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Same here… USA was always miles ahead in sales most of the time, but this month it is Germany in the nr 1 spot and the USA in second.
No big licenses so far btw, just based on sales.

I am getting significant drop in all contries ahahah :joy:

Edit: But yeah I just checked and USA sales desapear at the end of September. Till september USA sales was at first place by a big diference and October and November USA sales are not even in the first place… :thinking:

Its something between “Hell” and “Mentos”. I love mentos but this hell are killing me!!!

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Whoah, and I’ve just noticed that my sales are the year of the Declaration of Independence! Coincidence? I don’t think so…




Magic! :sweat_smile:

2 sales almost at once!
Just need one more please :pray:


Need to say Boo hoo hoo! :wink:

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