Unable to resubmit my wordpress soft-rejected items


I am unable to resubmit my WordPress soft-rejected items.

I am getting this message

“You have reached your upload limit for this category. You will be able to resubmit this item as soon as one of your submitted items has been reviewed.”

I have 2 soft rejected WP Themes in my list. it’s occurring due to new 1 WP item upload policy. Anyone have any idea how i can resubmit my item.



Hello @matthewcoxy, I am tagging you because you are active on forum and replied with best solution. Thanks

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It because of these changes

@charlie4282., I got your point but that is all about the new submissions and when this announcement came we had already few items in queue at that time and now Themeforest get back to us with soft rejections and we want to submit again after made changes, now my question is; how we can resubmit it. IT’S NOT A NEW SUBMISSION BUT WE HAVE 2 SOFT REJECTED ITEMS IN THE LIST.


@matthewcoxy is better to answer this (but probably asleep in Australia)

It sounds like you have reached your submission limit which according to the linked post above means you may have to wait a while.

That said I am not an author nor work for envato so best to get clarity from someone who is more involved.

It also creates issue when you have to make an important update in your theme and you have already soft rejected items in queue, so you have to wait for 2-3 more days to release an important update!

Thanks @charlie4282. You’re spot on.

The focus for us (and the most important thing) is lowering the overall time-to-market of your items.

Consider two hypothetical scenarios:

You’re able to immediately resubmit your item to the queue, but the total time-to-market is 20 days.

You have to wait 10 days to resubmit the item, but the total time-to-market is 15 days, because the item only spends five days in the queue.

It’s a different workflow, but ultimately it will create a faster turnaround for all authors.

@themevendors the new restrictions do not include item updates, so you’re totally free to submit item updates at any point in time :slight_smile:

Hi scriptsbundle,

Resubmissions are included in the quota. Unfortunately you will need to wait until your other items in the review queue have been processed before submitting your item again.

As this change was applied to the current queue we didn’t want to forcibly remove any items from the current queue if an Author was already above their quota. As resubmissions are prioritised, once under the quota there should be a quick turn around for your resubmitted items

Full details here of the change: Review queue initiative: author upload limits.



I already have New WP item in queue that is almost on 23rd day. So you are saying I have to wait for the next 20 days( when that new item is reviewed ) for the re submission on currently 2 soft rejected items?
This is not good. Now i have to wait for 20 days for re submission of currently 2 soft rejected items. :pensive:

if you did not forcibly removed items from queue then it shouldn’t have been restricted from re submission.
New Authors already treated badly for allowing only one WP submission. It should be 2 or 3 items at least.
Its my suggestion to ENVATO, rest you have authority to do anything.