Review queue initiative: author upload limits.

Hey folks,

Today we’re launching the next initiative in our body of work around improving the system of review.

Author uploads limits.

Author upload limits work to define the number of items an author can have in the review queue at any given time. Once an author has has met their defined number of uploads they won’t be able to upload another item until after the previous items have been reviewed.

Different varieties of authors will have different limits and just what those limitations are will likely vary from Marketplace to Marketplace. In the beginning, we’ll be rolling these changes out to just ThemeForest and Audiojungle in the Wordpress and Music categories, respectively.

So what do these limitations look like?

Glad you asked!

ThemeForest: WordPress Category

  • Standard authors will be able to have 1 item in the queue at any one time
  • Elite authors will be able to have 5 items in the queue at any one time

AudioJungle: Music Category

  • Standard authors will be able to have 5 items in the queue at any one time
  • Elite authors will be able to have 10 items in the queue at any one time.


  • This does not include item updates.
  • Resubmission of soft rejected items are still counted towards the quota.
  • This will be applied to the current queue therefore if an author has exceeded the limit the author will no longer be able to upload a new item. No items which are currently in the review queue will be removed.

Why are we doing this?

As we’ve previously mentioned, each day the Envato quality team receives an absolutely enormous volume of new items for review. Many of these pass the checks that lead to the item being released on our marketplace, but many more are either hard, or soft rejected and need additional work.

At the essence of a hard or soft rejection is a lesson for the author. We’re communicating that the item submitted has not reached the standard of it being accepted to the marketplace.

Most of our authors act on these learnings. They apply changes based on the feedback they receive to their item. They also apply those learnings to any other items that they might submit in the future.

Problems arise if an author has not just uploaded one item, but several. In this case, the review team needs to review and apply feedback for each item in the queue, even if feedback being provided is very similar from item to item. This costs not only unnecessary time on the part of our reviewers but also the time of the author being reviewed, as well as any other authors waiting for a review of their own.

We want authors to take time with their item development, focusing on quality over quantity.

This new system ensures that authors will need to act upon the lessons of the review team before they can upload more items into the review queue. Ultimately, it will mean a higher standard of items in the queue, which will then lead to faster turnaround times for review.

When will we see the impact?

Gradually. We’re not going to be removing any items that are currently in the review queue. However, we believe that this change should strongly contribute toward lowering the review queue wait times in the medium term.

If you have any specific questions about the new system, please feel free to ask them below and we’ll work to answer them :slight_smile:


Good news :slight_smile: Less quantity - more quality :slight_smile:


Good :slight_smile:

My first item was soft-rejected after ~35 days. My second item was already in the queue at ~20 days. It contains the same issue as my first soft-rejected item. I need to update that in-queue item so I don’t waste the reviewers time, I know it’ll get a reject. I need to leave a note for the reviewer on my pending upload so they don’t waste their time going through it. I’ve got a fixed version here ready to go. But, I’m not going to delete and re-submit it because I’ll lose those 20 days :stuck_out_tongue:

Lots of changes/improvements can happen to an item in 20 days while it is sitting in the queue. So a quick way to tackle wasted reviewer time is to allow (a single?) note to be applied to the pending upload. Something like “Hey TGM and WooCommerce released an update while this was in the queue. Can you do a soft reject so I can update template files and not waste your time?”.

The ability to leave/edit the “upload note” could be blocked once the reviewer has started the review process on the item. Would make a good quick hackweek project.


Problem my .psd submit 19 days ago but I already submit 3 files (9 days ago and 3 days ago) from themeforest :frowning: please help me thanks :slight_smile:

Great, this is a good move!

Like we said, we won’t be removing any items from the review queue. This is purely for future uploads.

You won’t be able to upload another item until after those three items move through the queue.


Many thanks :slight_smile: I not upload more themes.

By bringing this change, what will be the approx. review time for WordPress?

Thanks, Envato, good news :slight_smile:

Good news)

Great move by Envato team but I think authors will create multiple accounts in order to upload multiple items at a time.

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It is good move but i think it should more limit for standard author

“Standard authors will be able to have 1 item in the queue at any one time”

If should be 2 or 3 limit

Thanks :slight_smile:


Great news! I hope this will lead to the improvement of the quality of the material and increase sales! Thanks Envato!

Not needed! 1 is enough if you really looking to make a good product.


Awesome step taken by Envato. Thanks :slight_smile:

I like it! :sunglasses:

sounds good. Let’s see how it 'll works :grinning:

It would be great to clear database from old works that do not have sales for a long time.


Good move. But one confusion. Isn’t the limitation only for themeforest wordpress category (and not psd). I dont see any psd submission limitation in your original post. Please clarify.
Thank you

Good news! Are working on quality! It is right!!!