Author Upload Limits: Expanding across AudioJungle and ThemeForest

Hey Folks,

As many of you know, over the course of the last few months we’ve been focused on running a series of initiatives to address the review queues on both AudioJungle and ThemeForest, the most recent of which was the introduction of upload limitations the the WordPress and Music categories within ThemeForest and AudioJungle, respectively.

I’m happy to report that since we’ve launched the initiative, we’ve seen some positive changes within the two categories.

We believe the initiative works on two levels:

  1. It encourages a quality-over-quantity approach to content contribution from authors within our marketplace.
  2. It serves to reduce the overall time-to-market for items for authors over the long term.

Today we are announcing that we’re expanding out the upload limitations initiative to the remaining categories in both ThemeForest and AudioJungle. The change will go live a little later today.

Here is a reminder and update of the rules:

Themeforest Categories: eCommerce, Site Templates, Static Site Generators, Blogging, Marketing, CMS Themes, Muse, PSD Templates and Wordpress (already applied)

  • Power Elite Authors will be able to have 5 items in the queue at any one time
  • Elite Authors will be able to have 5 items in the queue at any one time
  • All other Authors will be able to have 1 item in the queue at any one time

AudioJungle Categories: Music Packs, Music Kits, Logos and Idents and Music (already applied)

  • Power Elite Authors will be able to have 10 items in the queue at any one time
  • Elite Authors will be able to have 10 items in the queue at any one time
  • All other Authors will be able to have 5 items in the queue at any one time

AudioJungle Category: Sound effects

  • Power Elite Authors will be able to have 40 items in the queue at any one time
  • Elite Authors will be able to have 40 items in the queue at any one time
  • All other Authors will be able to have 20 items in the queue at any one time

Please Note:

  • This will be applied to items in the current queue therefore if an author has exceeded the limit the author will not be able to upload a new item or resubmission until they are below the quota.
  • No items which are currently in the review queue will be removed.
  • Resubmission of soft rejected items are counted towards the quota.
  • This does not include item updates.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them below and we’ll do our best to answer them.


Hi, this is really GREAT! My item has been in queue 14 days :fearful:

I was thinking that something will happen like this. But sometimes this will be bad things for some authors maybe.

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It sounds fine but there’s no change on the review time. For a commerce WordPress theme, supposed to wait for 22 days but it’s been already 40 days + for my item and I’m still waiting

Envato, at least reduce first the review time, seems that the authors are nothing important to you, more than one month or two months of wordpress themes, and with limitations?
how I will become a elite author with these limitations? I have a team of 3 developers. I can upload 3 themes at the time, but with this limitation how do I will grow up?

you care only the elite authors, not the normal authors, so, be honest and tell, normal authors go to the hell, just that


You got the point.
I have already coded my second WordPress theme (finished), started the third one and I’m still waiting for my first WordPress item for review. I even forgot that I have submitted that


Awesome Envato, That will help us improve Quality over Quantity and it will help reduce Review times

Since 2014 Envato is making a great work looking for the market balance and improving a lot of features.

Good job.

Well, I still see no change in WordPress review time.

Since item queue comes down, review time should eventually come down and that didn’t happen with WordPress.

Anyway that’s not my problem because I only make Site Templates. So, what guarantee do we have regarding the review time of site templates?

Also, this MIGHT make some authors create multiple accounts. I guess you guys already know everything.

But please just make sure items get reviewed quicker like under 2 weeks.

Thank you.

I can definitely say the Audiojungle review time has gone down, that is a really good thing!

The thing I really don’t agree with though is giving power elite authors and elite authors a whole 5 more items than normal authors. Thats way too many, 2-3 is more than enough to give them and still keep it fair between normal and elite. There are some really great composers/musicians/sound FX artists that still haven’t made their way to the top yet and should be given a fair advantage imho.


this is really bad news for me.

We have a good team who can produce 2-3 site templates per month easily

i submitted one item and it was reviewed after 22 days so a really bad move for us, now after finishing a template, i have to keep with me for a month.

you are forcing authors moving to freelancing.


I would tell that also Elite author get this as negative impact.
We gather as a quite big team, 20+ members (working on a Co-working space), we do hope with our hard work we can be PowerElite soon and can establish a company with our dreamy brand.
Let’s say we can submit 4-5 themes/month, we don’t do Mega Mass Multipurpose theme, just niche, trendy and handy ones that we see useful for our buyers. And I dare say we do care about quality, not quantity.
With this, we may need to create a brand new account (even multiple if we have to), build new brand names (the old elite brand-name, we also took lots effort to build) in order to upload.
It will also make our plan to be PowerElite, company establishment longer and longer…
@matthewcoxy Do we have to switch our plan to create a Bloated Multi Mega Concept Messy Theme?

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Great! Thank you!

Does this means that we can still upload one theme to eccomerce while having one in the queqe, for lets say Wordpress category?


Great news for me! :+1:

Good Move! :+1:

Pricing Policy changes and Upload Limits are fine to have!

These changes are 100% safest for Envato company side. But authors side only 50% success rate.

Envato is focusing on company safety. Please think about authors too. Because, sales are getting really low and review times are 2 months. :frowning:

Normal WordPress Theme Process :

  1. Design - 15 Days.
  2. HTML - 15 Days.
  3. WordPress - All functionality, Demo Content and etc works makes - 1 month.
  4. 2 Months of Hard Work.
  5. 2 Months of Review Time.
  6. So, theme will be available for sale in after 120 days - 4 months.
  7. Theme will start sale in 5th month. Sales are getting down. That’s the another issue. :slight_smile:
  8. Money will be in our hand 6th month.

This money is reducing by sales down and Envato author % and now US sales tax %.

Evanto, can you please at-least do any of one following point :

  1. Increase Sales. (Not only for popular items)
  2. Decrease review time.
  3. Decrease US Taxes or new authors % to Envato.

After moving US, sales are getting low day by day. Only it’s positive for popular theme authors.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Looks like envato forcing everybody to make Multipurpose theme. No space for little creative handcrafted or niche based theme. Won’t mention the production level each and everybody knows even if they are just starting 3-5 friends team. Do envato really think that the scarcity of the template will help buyers to pick it up. Meaning, having a good library of templates doesn’t help you to sell anyone of it.
My advice to envato for review process is, you better change the whole process of it and redesign like beast. Filtering is key, first step an uploaded file should be verified and ensure the quality standards by envato members not the official on basically the community. Next the basic terms like code quality and others by another community or experienced staffs after passing through 2 steps it will appear to envato officials. Same for all, power author will get additional support. Limiting the good quality product is never a good decision or beneficial for anyone of us. Thanks


Fantastic news! Thank you!

It is very good!

Great News!

Well, let’s see what happens.I hope it will get better! :slight_smile: