Deepest concerns about the new rules of maximum upload limits.

Good day, dear Envato!

Will prido of all, let me Express my deepest gratitude for the opportunity to join the team and become one whole with Envato. This is happiness, to be engaged in only favourite business (to write music), and it is only through Envato dream of my entire life became real, thanks again.

On behalf of the majority of russian-speaking authors (I’m sure they subscribe will to this topic) I have to notice a feeling of deepest concerns about the new rules of maximum upload limits.

Please take into consideration our point of view (author’s point of view) about what exactly the implications of the new limits:

1 - new limits policy is expedient ONLY for authors who do not work full-time at audiojungle, for authors who write music not often and have a basic job (beside auiojungle). But for the authors, who work only for audiojungle on a full-time, this limit is strictly unprofitable. For example, I returned from vacation and became hard to write tracks. From 1st August I have uploaded 15 items (for 1 item a day). Now I have 15 items in reviewing stage and I can not upload new tracks. It means that I will get (in future) few weeks without approving and without sales.

All of that looks like hard-work full-time authors now in intolerable conditions. But not-full time authors are in maximum suitable conditions.

2 - new limits policy will inevitably lead to the creation of new accounts, because the authors have something to get out of the situation. The appearance of new accounts in itself will not lead to good nor to bad, but why make life difficult for those authors who work day and night for audiojungle and I don’t know what to do.

3 - all the noise on reviewing time (in particular the fact that in 2016 review time was more than a month) is just noise and it comes from very young authors, who just write the track per week. The hard-work authors, who are on full-time, dont worry about a review time, even a month, a year, no matters, the main thing that the tracks are written regularly, regularly filled and regularly approved, and how long the process takes, does not matter.

Thus, the part we see changes that will negatively affect ONLY that category of hard-work authors who have a time work for full-time, but have not yet become top authors.

Dear envato, on behalf of authors, let me ask a question:

Does these changes are deliberately aimed at the repulsion of the hard-work full-time authors (except top authors) or we do not understand something and we should not afraid of serious collapse of sales?

Many thanks in advance
Alex Shulgin


I completely agree and I want to suggest this is not only for non-elite authors. Even 10 uploads for Elite authors isn’t enough is a review time won’t be as low as 2-3 days for authors that upload 2 tracks daily or more.

Who cares that there ARE people who can and produce a lot of quality content and don’t just cross their fingers in hope for good sales?

Who cares there are people who work full time at AudioJungle and they can’t allow a free space in new approvals?

Who cares that that single measure will kill the sales that even now are almost dead if you don’t have a few of top sellers?

And who cares there’s a lot of NEW authors who want to make it as well and uploading a lot of quality content is a one and only way to stand out from those who upload 1 track per week?

Bravo, what’s next? Now I have 23 music tracks sitting in a review queue and 13 music packs and I can’t upload anymore.

So I should wait for how long now? Now this highly innovative measure mean that if I need to wait at least 10-15 days now and I will get a great ‘no sales’ window after that for 10-15 days as well as your system works exactly that way - no new items, no sales.

I’m highly disappointed and pissed that Envato cuts the hard working Author’s freedom to produce considering that there are more effective measures to prevent what you’re trying to prevent, such as author verification, upload/reject ratio or something more liberal ways than telling all the authors how much they should produce.

If the review time will be 2-3 days (and come down quick to it!) I will be fine with it. Other than that - that’s the most disappointing thing I’ve seen from Envato, ever.


completely agree!


completely agree

I subscribe fully. I wanted to upload more tracks in September , and now I can not.

Yes, and it means you will get falling of sales next month. Same as all of us.

I’d be interested to see what happens from this. If the review queue comes down to a week or so then 5 is fine. If it stays around 2/3 weeks or more then this is truly rubbish. I was uploading 2/3 tracks a week on the one day I work from home so for authors who work full time this could be a real hit on their productivity. Let’s see what the outcome is now they’ve decided it’s definitely happening, hopefully we might be proved wrong.


completely agree

is is unbelievable what reviewing time will change to 5 days.
It will still same amount of items, but will be more and more new accounts.
Its good for cheat-authors, and terrible for hard-workers.

If this happens, I hope they deal with it and limit the number of accounts to 2 or so per individual based on Tax Number or ID verification.

but you still can register accounts using ID of your friends, family etc

Of course, if your friends and familly are prepared to be taxed on your income, no problem.

depends country of living))))

Taxes are a reality in developed countries, not sure what you mean.

That’s a lot of effort to go to. You’d have to ask a lot of people for their tax details to stop Envato taking off the tax on each sale. You’d also have to spread your music over multiple accounts and build up each account to get repeat buyers and some sales to make you look good.

summary I upload 1 item per 2 days
for the moment I got 15 tracks in review stage, I write this tracks from 1 august (1 track per day)
does it mean I can not upload next 15 days? yes
does it mean I will get a time with 15 days without approves next month? yes
does it means my sales will drop because of it? yes
does it make me happy? no

Does it mean you can take a vacation for 15 days? - yes :smiley:. Feel bad for you though, man :frowning:.

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it looks sow
but I just come back from whole july vacation and now its time to work

We are in an oversaturated market and the rules are tightening up for everybody. There’s so much royalty free music out there that none of us is actually needed to stay in the business from the market’s point of view.


completely agree!