Author Upload Limits: Expanding across AudioJungle and ThemeForest

Does this, in any ways, leads to decreasing back the WP review time to one week?

To make a multipurpose theme it takes 3-5 months, It can be lived with to have one item in the queue and wait for 2 months for review.

On the other hand, a niche theme takes 1-2 months to build and it is not fair for it and next products to wait 2 other months to be reviewed.

So, I guess authors will try to combine their items into one, and not to go for quality over quantity!


Envato Should be straight! We don’t care about ordinary authors we have elite folks who makes us huge $$ and new authors are headache for us!


Great News! Thanks Envato! :slight_smile:

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That’s a really great improvement for Audiojungle review time! Thanks for that Envato!

Yeah, this approach works good for Audiojungle. But may be it worth making something new for Themeforest to decrease the review time

I think its great :slight_smile:

So, the authors on Audio Jungle who have more privileges, will have even more, and the authors who
find it hard to showcase their work will have less opportunity to do so. Well, that seems fair and productive!? Encouraging indeed…

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The review time on AJ already decreased to 1/3 and that’s amazing. I think it’s also good for the audio market to prevent products saturation :wink:

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this is absolutely bad news for me…
I am is email template author, which tiny sales. All email template sold on page one are 10 item bellow…
in 19 days could be upload 1 item its means only max $90 earning …
oh my gods…

Great. We wish for more quality review and reviewers (off course) as previous to maintain the themeforest standard. :slight_smile:

It means standard author can submit 1 item at a time in per category. Like: Wordpress 1, Site Template 1, CMS 1 and Elite author can submit 5 items at a time in per category. Like: Wordpress 5, Site Template 5 etc.

Great news!

Although I find it a bit harsh when TF Elite gets 5 times more capacity than other authors!??!

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Great! Thank you! Great news for me! :+1:

Hey @matthewcoxy, is this going to be the new standard, or after you see an improvement for the review times you will lift the limits?

Bad news for themeforest authors. I thought as per their promises, they will reduce the review times to what they were original. But, look what’s happening here, they are doing something out of the world which none of the authors prior joining here could have even imagined. They are imposing limits on uploading items. Really? Cannot believe this is happening.

If you cannot reduce the review times, atleast remove review process for Elite and Power Elite authors. Atleast, that can give me a peace of mind once I reach the elite status. Waiting 2-3 months just for the product to go live on sale, is not sustainable. It is quite depressing to see themeforest go down this path. Disappointed.

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Although I am only one of the little guys, it is interesting to see that varying opinions that people have on this move and how it affects everyone differently. I wonder what the REAL impact is going to be. It does seem to lean towards favoring the “company” rather than the “contributors”.

Wouldn’t it be better to reward the contributors more as incentive to provide quality content rather than limit and stiffle their contributions that support the growth of of the company overall? Which in turn, would nurture the eventual development of even more Elite authors?

Great move! This was something much needed from the beginning! Should boost quality of non-elite authors, this is great incentive for them to bring up better items to reach elite! :slight_smile:

Its going to be almost impossible for new Experienced Freelancers, who want to start selling themes, to take risk of investing almost 1 year to establish business on Envato… I think this is just way to stop getting new authors.

There are many many similar music here…
It will be good for it…

Way to go Envato

Limit authors to one item only, whilst allowing Elites more.

Not only are you forcing new authors to make multiple accounts, your dropping a steaming hot turd onto the back of the authors who want to continue building there sales here (so they can reach elite and be a little less restricted)

Iv got 2k to go before I hit elite and 4 WP themes in the soft-reject queue and frankly im now left with no choice but to upload to other marketplaces whilst I do the usual back and forth with the reviewers.

Everything you have done for months now has done nothing but harm the ‘little guys’

Way to go

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