Review 1week

1 week item pending review lol…Is like I applied at Nasa:)

Review Turnaround For GraphicRiver

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Thank you.It says 6 days.I wait for almost 8 days.The waiting is killing me lol…

Hi Dear

please keep patience.
As we know new Item submission is increasing day by day. So for a big amount of quee time can take some more. Please wait and hope you will get email for your Item review result as soon as review will finish.


All I can do is wait anyway:)Is justly worked sooo much at my first item and the review taking so long get me nervous:).I understand there are much items to review:)

same issue are happening

best way to keep patience.


no need to be nervous! in my personal experience I have gotten review result after 13 days when review time was 8/9. So, wait and be cool. good luck for your first submission.


Thank you mgscoder:)I will keep it cool.Since I created this post, maybe is a good idea to say HI EVERYONE!:slight_smile:

this is the fact that queuing is longer at this stage as there are more submissions, sales and so on in the second half of the year, though the waiting is clearly a bit long, when we try to submit some seasonal items … now this is working like this

Well,the wait is over.I don’t know if my item got accepted or rejected since I didn’t got an email with such info.I’m very curious why it was rejected if it was.I spent money on professional photos and few hours to create this item.Do Envato changed something?

Found the email

Thank you for your submission. We have completed our review of “Movie Poster The Shadow” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.

Seriously?Quality standard?Lol

Just for my piece of mind can someone tell me what is wrong with this item?I seriously doubt the review.No offence to any reviewers. Thank you

I’m a little scared to upload new items .This poster was next in pending for upload but, after the first rejection maybe this one will not meet quality standards also. Somehow, i kinda understand.There are a lot of layers to be checked since all my work is fully layered and editable. Any oppinions?

If you are afraid why then are you here? No need to fear anything! You need to act and not be afraid! You need to forget the word “afraid or scared”.

Good luck! :wink:

Well,because I don’t want to work like a crazy just to get a lame reject reason like “Doesn’t meet quality standards”. If you don’t trust me just search Movie Posters and see what had been accepted since October 2018. I’m not “crying” because it was rejected…I’m just a little angry on the reason.Standard quality excuse is not really working in this scenario.I mean, if these posters doesn’t meet quality standards then what meets them?

Absolutely all the authors work this way (at their own risk).

But yes, good point.No need to make a big deal just because someone didn’t had the mood to do his work. If I’m wrong I apologise. Please, someone give me a honest feedback about these. Thank you

True.But not all are lucky enough to get a honest review I guess. I see to much difference in accepted/rejected items so, this makes me wonder if some of the reviewers are fair when they review an item

There were heaps of a question on this topic…Oh… Read the forum! My opinion: review is fair.

Ok.People will start insulting me after this post but honestly can’t help myself(No offence to anyone in special to the creator of this poster).

This poster was accepted on 30 October 2018. Please tell me how this item meets the quality standards? (and please be honest.It may happen to you to someday).I’am I missing something?