GraphicRiver review delay time

Hi there everyone Max from the Quality team here!

Currently GraphicRiver is experiencing a high submission rate that has led to a general slow down in review times.

We are looking at up to 7 days until items will be reviewed, although this mostly depends on what category they are being submitted in.

Hopefully we will see some improvement over the coming weeks but until then I want to thank you for your patience.

Best of luck with your submissions!




hi Maximilius, good idea to communicate on this review time, many people really get impatient out of not knowing how long it will take to have items reviewed (besides most of us really regret that there’s no progress bar in the dashboard anymore) and if u ever communicate and “warn” people , then people are more likely to accept a delay in my view. however, i just would like to say that the review time that u have been dealing with is not completely exact, as my last item was approved yesterday after 7 days of waiting, so over 6. we are all happy to get to know there should be an embetterment in queuing time :wink:


It’s really painful time for all of us, I suppose. 3 weeks ago the turnaround for flyers was about 3-4days now it’s 6-7.
I am happy to help with the reviewing process in case ENVATO needs help :smiley:

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me too lol i will get the job done properly and quickly if they wish :wink:


So that means if my new upload get’s soft-rejected and I have to re-upload it’s going to be reviewed in 2-3 weeks :frowning: I’m still waiting on my current review. It’s been 8 days.

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lol that’s funny, but i think that the 8 days that u have had to wait are a bit too much and that this is time to do something indeed …

So I could also offer a help with reviews. On my own files at least :smile:

@brandenlee87 soft rejected resubmission use to be reviewed faster then the new submissions :wink:

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may I appy for your review team…? hehe…

Yeah… if like this i shouldn’t worry again for review times… and actually for my category its always fast i think… :smiley: its just between 1 - 4 days… haha…

I can guarantee the items will be reviewed in 5 minutes :slight_smile: hahaha

Seriously, 7 days is a longggg time. Hire more reviewers.


Plz Hire more reviewers.

If you are looking for reviewers? :slight_smile:

Graphicriver classic as always

Hi, can I join review team? :wink:

Thanks Max :wink:

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Longer review times, noooo… Time for some hiring! Or some firing maybe… :wink:

Dear fellow GraphicRiver authors, in case you need any comfort in this situation, please know that review time for stock footage on VideoHive is around 16-17 days! Be patient :wink:

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yes they should hire me lol hahaha


that’s not a good idea this one …

so what? if u accept this there, this is your right but as for us normally it takes less time and this is increasing again and we all depend on having new items to sell on regular basis, so there’s no reason why we would like to / should have to be patient and accept to wait unreasonably … judging by the number of global daily sales, envato is making money aren’t they ? so they can make one or two guys benefit a bit of the comfortable earnings that they make all the same … dont’u think so? especially since this is also possible for them to hire temporarily like for the second half of each year when submissions are more numerous … . Let me also remind you that they make no selection in the first place and anybody can sell here which basically leads the number of people and submissions to skyrocket and increase continuously and inexorably so that you be good to adjust the staff if they want to do this …

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