We deserve the official answer and plan on decreasing the stock footage review time!

I’ve had enough, and I know I’m not the only one! We want the official solution for decreasing the ridiculously long review time for stock footage! Not just the standard excuse that there are a lot of uploads and that you are working on it. We want the concrete answer and the plan!

Like and comment if you agree with me so we can get more traction!

I will bump this thread every day until we get the worthy answer, not just some generic crap!


I’m in, mate

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I think this have two possible solutions, increase amount of people who reviews footage (this will lead to increasing amount of accepted videos and lowering overall quality and income for authors) or limit amount of videos one allowed to upload per week like on audiojungle.

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They also need to improve the consistency of the review criteria, there are a lot of shitty videos being accepted, and on the other hand a lot of rejections of the good ones…

Anyway it is good you bring this thing up, this issue must be addressed for sure.

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A few more reviewers would be nice.


YESSSS! It’s been months already! I’m in! We need answers!!!


More like a year :joy:

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Bump. We are still waiting envato…


I’m not a stock footage author but i’m with you guys!
If this happened with after effects templates, i’ll quit envato.


Count me in. I also find this situation to be unacceptable and action must be taken to resolve it once and for all.

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I’ll turn gray so soon.
Why Envato Team members keep silence ?!

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This is 5th day and they still pretend like they haven’t seen this thread, and it’s on top of the forum! :rage:

Hey guys, apologies for the delay.

To start off I wanted to quickly acknowledge that Envato as a whole is very much aware of the on-going struggle plaguing Stock Footage review times. We want everyone to know that we are not simply ignoring the problem, we’re working tirelessly behind the scenes to play a relentless game of catchup.

We spent the last 6 months increasing our resources in the review team to try to combat the record breaking submission numbers that we’ve seem month on month. Even with the larger team, the incoming submissions still seem to increase faster than we can add people. This unfortunately means review times are growing rather than shrinking. I understand just how frustrating this must be and for this issue I sincerely apologize.

Where can we go from here?

Well there’s a few initiatives going on behind the scenes that should provide some relief for the long wait times, but no firm time frames as to when these will happen. And for the more immediate time frame, we’re organizing meetings with a few key team members to try to see if there’s anything we can do short term that will provide enough support to get back ahead. All while we’re still increasing our reviewing capacity a bit further.

So on that note I’ll end this with one final apology for any inconvenience these delays may have caused anyone and promise to work diligently in the coming weeks to try to get some measurable results for you guys.


How can we reach the envato authority for this matter

First 15 videos of about 120 have been reviewed after almost 6 months. Hooray I guess…

Well at leas we got the response. It’s again the same **** only with sprinkles on top, pardon my french…

Answer was so abstract so saying nothing…

That’s exactly why I created this topic. You could always contact them with the support ticket, but you will get even more generic answer, believe me I tried…

Guess our strike continue!