Help Needed with Stock Footage Issue.

First of all, thank you to the community for trying to put some light on this:

I have an AudioJungle account. But I understand that once in Envato Market, one can sell in any of the markets. I think I have read that over here before. At least, I could enter Videohive with my account and upload from there with no problem. Uploading the stock footage correctly, it stayed pending for revision. I have uploaded several stock footage for approval, however they have surpassed by far the Revision Time by months! I wrote to the help team, however the answer was that they could not give a clear date for the items to be reviewed as they are so many etc. Did I do it the correct way? Has any AJ user uploaded to Videohive and had the same problem? Here is a capture with the queue. The estimated time for review is around 5 months now, but I’m already in 7!

Review Time

Stock footage takes a long time to get reviewed plus they have added a new way to handle the reviews.

Links to discussion about review time and one regarding how reviews are handled now:

You simply need to wait unfortunately.

Much appreciated @AbnormAudio. 1st one it looks like its finally going to be reviewed.