[GraphicRiver] Envato Review Times

Please post the current upload/resubmission review times you are facing on the GraphicRiver website here.

Discussion is welcome :slight_smile:


Im currently on 5 days :S is something up?

Probably because of weekend.

hi buddy, no this should not be indeed, last weekend there was much reviewing (this is not always what happens but last weekend it was) and i personally had my item reviewed in the week end and within the normal current time 3 days …

re-submissions 1 day? lol well apart when the were having big time trouble with pace for reviewing , this is always really way quicker than this only a few hours are enough indeed

So maybe now it is changed, my past experience was one review in 2 days and before two reviews in 5 days (for both the average market time for graphics was 3) and both including weekend with no new files in my category (as you can know, the product mockups) added… :slightly_smiling:

Anyway I think the review time has nothing much to do with later sales, fist I wait for review, then I wait for sales, then I go better to my regular work :smile:

I’ve uploaded a Presentation template about 7 days ago, and still waiting, is it normal?


In http://quality.market.envato.com/ says 4 days, but it’s been over 7 days.

Any one experience such a waiting time these days?


Still waiting…


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6 days until now…

this is becoming a big problem these variations in the rhythm as we never know when the item is potentially making it m this is disturbing for sales also , lots of us have been witnessing that this is better to get approved around one day or another to have better exposure and sales …

Hey guys it’s been 8 days since i have sent some items for review.Why it takes so long?Is there any problem or what?

Having the same “problem” but yesterday i got an item approved (after 8 days), unfortunately on weekend :sweat:

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I hope to approved my items too,why isn’t good to approved items on weekend? :open_mouth:

hi well for me i had the other way around only 1 day and a half and an item approved already the problem is that i do not like getting approved on sunday night when no one is seeing … and thus get no exposure at all , the boring thing with reviewing times nowadays is that they are completely unpredictable and this is a difficult thing for us authors to deal with

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yess they are unpredictable, some times they approved your items for 2 or 3 days and some time it takes more than 1 week :s :s

Hi everybody,
I am waiting for review on Graphicriver, it’s been 8 days since i uploaded the item. It’s unusual… it’s the longest review period i ever had. Is there anything i should worry about?

Best regards!

same problem to me