What happened for review in graphicriver?

Hi to all:

I already upload my first flyer on graphicriver and I wait more 9 days not come email for approved or hard rejected but I see time review graphicriver https://quality.market.envato.com/graphicriver say 9 days but don’t come email if approved or hard rejected, please help me thanks.Untitled-1

Hello @themesniper28

The time mentioned in the link you’ve sent is just indicative based on the last 7 days, not a fixed, guaranteed period.

Please be patient, your item will be reviewed as soon as the reviewers can. There are probably a lot of submissions, Graphic River is a highly competitive market.

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Okay thank you for your reply @MrsEnabled

I respect to the authors and i know there is so many submissions, but not to worry i will wait.


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hi, this is a community or a competitive market? i guess that this is a matter of point of view, i have never considered this place as a competition one, personally

hi, i understand that the waiting may look long but, indeed, needless to rush as of now anyways. sales are not good and we are still stuck in the c19 situation , wchich basically means that there is low potential to sell and rather low exposure to new items anyways

Thank you for your time and comment! :slight_smile: @n2n44

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