About the reason for Envato service review

Any of you are faced with problems like me that I have uploaded flyer a long time ago in graphicriver but I do not get any report about my uploaded product. Now, I am writing this message after 17 days after uploading the file. Kindly could you say why did this happen? I saw envato review dateline.

Are you seeing anything that says it’s still in the review queue? If not then you should have received an email that says it was either rejected or accepted, it’s possible it may have been tagged as spam. You can also check the “Hidden Items” tab on your account in case it has been soft rejected, prompting you to make some edits.

Envato also made a statement not too long ago about there being higher than normal review times lately due to the much higher submission rate, which is likely because people are home more often right now.

Thanks for your reply. There wasn’t happened like your thinking but i saw first review time was 13 days but yesterday, i went to go same page and find out it’s time increase to 15 days for print design. When i was submitted my print ready file i got message to submitted file successfully. But after 18 days with today i am not able to know anything about my files. I should try to connect their help center but one message come in font my display that they will response within 10 days for that i didn’t sub my problem. I am trying to know that any person faced same problem in before their experience but it’s not happened in before i think. However, I will try to connect help center as soon as possible.

Thanks you bro

hi my last item was reviewed - a couple of days back - after 16-17 days …

Oh! then I have to wait for more.

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i have never experienced such a long waiting ever since i joined … sorry for u not to have had your item reviewed beforehand … today, though they had an announcement, i recommend that u check it …

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@n2n44 It’s happens before 8 years ago if I remember correctly was +28 days review time. I remember a massive topic with complains.

Later edit: This is the topic. Was back in 2012

hi buddy, i had not joined yet at the concerned time, but if u ask me, this was really really too much … at this stage i feel a bit the same for today but for back then, ohhhhhh i cannot even imagine it lol

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Oh! It’s too longer experience but now i got it’s solution from them.

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