Review WAIT Time?


Pls share the review wait time for all our Envato community.
I have submitted a business card its almost 5 days still
Queued for Review.


for review EST please have a look at

Hi! I do not understand this table, explain please. :slight_smile: image

For new uploaded print templates u have to wait 7 days (±1), for soft rejection and resubmission - 1 day and if u have already approved item you have to wait 1 day to check your updated item. It depends, for example: Halloween is coming and review time could be extended with 1-2 days because there are too much files to be reviewed. For my first approved item in graphicriver - addons it says 3-4 days but i waited 5. :slight_smile: Good luck mate :slight_smile:

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Thanks Mate :slight_smile: because been waiting for last 6 days in the row :wink: