How long does it take for your design to be reviewed?

Hi everybody,

How long does it take for your design to be reviewed? I uploaded my design file 4 days ago but still can’t see the review. My design file for character design.The zip file includes PSD and PNG.

approximate time:


Thanks for your help. I’m still waiting for the file to be reviewed. :sweat_smile:

@romlam This page is helpful, but I don’t know about the current situation.

Print Templates - 1 day, and I’ve been waiting for 6 days :joy:

After 9 days of waiting, I received an email with only a few words: “Hard rejected (2)”. :joy: No reason was mentioned. and the file I uploaded was also deleted. This is my first time selling designs on Envato and i think i will move to another market, save time and respect creators more.

My print templates were approved after 7 days. I think this is a temporary delay. If you are not an exclusive author, you can use your items in various markets.

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Congratulations! I hope you have a lot of sales. I know, maybe my design file is flawed at some point. But I feel they lack respect for creators. I think adding a few small notes after the review is not difficult.

Thank you. My sales are average, but maybe my projects are bad.

The reviewer is not obliged to give a reason (which is strange to me, because I am a designer and I have a vision, not a reviewer. It seems to me that the reviewer should check the templates in terms of aesthetics, but above all if the file is technically correct).

If these are your first projects on Envato then don’t give up. I started almost 10 years ago, but in the beginning I had nothing but rejections.

Maybe buy a few items that are the best in your category and check their technical condition. Maybe the reviewer meant the technical condition, not the aesthetics?

I think you have to try if not with this subject, then with others.

Good luck my friend! :wink: