Graphicriver Review Time

So what happened ? All of a sudden the review time went up from 3-4 days to 9-11 days… Even though it says that it can take up to 7 days for the review process. I have been here for over 3 years now and these things always vary from 2 hours to 28 days [my personal best] … or worst depends on how you see it. Getting past the fact that I asked this question several times now, I will one more time. Why is that a marketplace with such a big capital wont hire more reviewers to sort this fluctuation of review time? I hope this wont be swept under the rug again. Cheers!


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i have a flyer being queued for almost 11 days already and still nothing, really not good … this is ok to wait a bit but so much especially considering the period of the year, that just does make no sense at all …

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So how can we do something about this ? It seems that no one cares tho they are loosing revenue because of not being able to plan releasing a new product. I’m baffled on how many authors are ok with this situation, no one says anything.

I know what you mean I just made a new post the other day regarding this issue… It does affect potential sales … Sales you might be losing because of this … At least to show us …like.before the process bar . I don’t know why they took it down I thought it was helpful determining where in the review queue you were in. Hopefully they come up with something

hi buddy , u know what i was told by the time they suppressed it and i asked the help center team why it was gone, they told me u have to campaign to have it back, what are they talking about?! i and all all other authors were supposed to campaign to have it back and we were not even told that we had to do? and what is the interest to take out probably the most useful tool that we are ever been given here, they’ve got to be kidding us!

as for affecting sales, i think u are wrong, the fact of the matter is that u can test just that. Just stop uploading for a while and stop having new items in and u’ll see exactly how much it hurts business gamely , i can tell you , a week without a new item is only what a “normal or average” author can afford , after that it takes a lethal blow on sales

buddy, i use to fight all sorts of fights for authors , for their rights and for them not to have so hard situations to deal with here, until i have no hope whatsoever to be featured or advertised in any way in this marketplace and all i can tell you is despite i could get to discuss a lot of things with a lot of guys and realize how much lots of guys feel pretty bored with a lot of things going on here, the fact of the matter is that guys do not dare opening their mouths and expressing what they do not like and that’s how authors cannot have their voices heard and are imposed everything whether they like it or not

Can we please get a response from a staff member ? There are numerous threads reporting this issue although nobody does anything. Is graphicriver really on the bottom of the barrel ? I for one will be focusing on other things until this problem is fixed. Don’t forget that the most important resource we have is time.

hey buddy Kingdog had come here in the forums to start a thread about delays in the reviewing process, what we all knew as they launched self pricing before getting ready for this … so basically they announced it but but have never mention that i would be so very loooooooooooong and they dropped the ball because if they announced for people not to be likely to complain, then they missed the mark by not being clear on how long would people have to wait and no it has reached an unreasonable extent … my file is being queued for more than 11 days, horrible!

9 days for me so far. This problem happens every year. It should have been solved by now. This is not fair. It seems like a simple fix.

i do not really agree with u on that one, honestly. yes u are right, every time this is the same, they are facing more submissions as this is the most beneficial period of the year sale wise as there. That’s a fact in the end of every year, there are many events going on and thus many buyers interested in buying for some occasions. This makes us believe that envato could already adapt to this , especially as they know that the number of authors and submissions are continuously and inexorably growing, what they did not do, in the end. They could have chosen to have a bit more reviewers for a few months only , like being temporarily recruiting for thing s to be faster (it’s like u have a gift factory and u do not try to recruit for chirstmas time and keep a limited staff) … . Instead they have chosen to get into that self pricing thing while they were not even ready for this , as the upload form was not yet ready when they launched. THe direct consequence of this is that they had to have two reviews for each approved item instead of one as they had to soft reject so that people could insert the price of their items … which was a great loss of time. IN addition, if u ask me, then i will say it straight, choosing this period to introduce this self pricing thing to all GR categories was just a blatant mistake, this is not the kind of thing that u introduce at a time when sales are supposed to be good and that u are likely to hurt the number of sales if u slow down processes … . U have to do when this is sort of slow, like in febuary or something like this. Sometimes , we can wander who’s determining strategies, and if things are being thought of before they get adopted …

I bet this will continue past January because of the pricing and tax changes. I don’t see how this can affect this situation but this is what envato would say.

Ah, I remember the time when the approval was needed only 2 hours! :sunglasses:

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i don’t know what time u are talking about lol i have personally never seen this, or at least only once to have a good logo hard rejected , so i 'd better not see this again anyway lol. The act of the matter is that at this time it takes a whole lot of time, really too much time indeed …

no it does buddy … it has a true impact besides u know we are still paint for the mishandling of the self pricing transition, as , at a time, as they introduced while forms were not yet ready, they had to soft reject all items and review them a second time so that uys could set the price and have their items approved … plus everything is bringing much confusion and all things are launched before it’s the appropriate time and that everything has been said and done …