time review graphicriver

Hi, why has the design item that I uploaded been 24 days without a reply from the graphicriver? What happened?

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The review time is getting better and better. Upload today and get reviewed in to the >>>>>>> future.


Can we have an answer to this matter Mr. @BenLeong or @steve_lam ? As authors, I think we a tleast have the rights to know what’s going on.

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LOOOOOOOL what do u think , my friend? no one answers in the official thread and the thing was reality not given the same kind of attention as usual big announcement … so very unlikely that someone answers here … all this is impossible to understand anyways and if they were listening to authors rather than making disconnected choices, everything would have been way smoother and would have been solved already …

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Wkwkw truee

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Yeah i just asking bro


Now 25 days and still queue

u are right to do … as for we could see with @Redsanity it looks like that waiting time is 26 days …

24+ for me lol the end of the waiting should after 26 as for we can understand at this time

Check you your upload ques, mine has a tag of “Special Circumstance” for Christ sake why don’t they just do the same process like before. This is annoying!

the author by author reviewing is not a god thing in addition …