Delays to GraphicRiver Reviews

November 17/2015

Hello everyone, as detailed in a previous post, author driven pricing is being introduced to GraphicRiver. This requires some behind the scenes work to make sure the marketplace is ready for the change. To facilitate this change, we temporarily suspended review.

What does this mean for the community? There may be a slightly longer than usual wait on the overall review times. Thank-you for your patience and understanding.

hi , bad timing for this kind of issue indeed, aren’t anybody aware that christmast is a big issue and that the whole of us cannot all post our xmas related items 6 months before the event? we are losing precious time and in addition this is something quite discussable that is being created , in other words , no reason at all to rejoice , this is just extremely inconvenient for most of us

that’s great

what is great buddy?

i thought you had a masters in english lang? he was being sarcastic

My graphicriver items are still in queue for more than 7 days…any official update?

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Author driven pricing is a MISTAKE, plain and simple.

If authors want to adjust their pricing, for whatever reasons, there should be a separate review, a ‘price review’ request, to determine if the price should be adjusted upward or downward, based upon some criteria. Simple.

Please pass this on to those that make decisions.


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too long a time, for sure … especially as christmas is on the way … a big mistake of timing that hurts people’s sales

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u are right and this may be a good idea, however ,the craziest thing is that at this time if reviews tare so long that’s because all guys are soft rejected so that they can set their prices, which makes no sense at all and i s complete waste of time , too!

If the review process is taking to long now, then they need more reviewers, plain and simple. It’s a problem they created, so they should be able to figure it out.

I always see pictures of them playing around in their offices and whatnot, so it seems as if they are not to worried about much of anything.

u ma be right buddy , but what do u want in the end, u want a shorter queuing and additional fees (when they have been quite huge until now)? Let’s face, the reality is, unlike what u are saying that if the reviewing is extremely long, this is not necessarily because of the lack of hiring at this time. This is due, as usual to the still growing number of authors , submissions and items and afterwards due to the fact that they are wasting our time when chirstmas is on the way , with their nonsensical self pricing that they have introduced without planning about it. Come on , pls, explain to me how the submissions for the last weeks have been able without u fulfill an already modified version of the submission form???!!! well that’s what happens. In addition and i know that for sure because a friend of mine got through this, at this time, they soft reject items and make people re-submit so that they just set the price, which is completel out of this world! what about organizing things up before bringing that non sensical self pricing thing so that at least we don’t meet these sorts of problems?

incredible about one week now and still waiting, thank you , we all lose the benefit of christmas time out of waiting for incredibly long for our items to get reviewed!

It is sad news :frowning: And worse, it was caused by bad pricing decisions. I mean, that I can’t now put price less than $5 (4+1), because in this case I’ll get less than 50% of total price the customer paid. And $5 is almost maximum price for addons. All this affects the sales count.

I hope, you know what you are doing.

this strategy is not made for authors buddy, this strategy is for shareholders and so on, they may not have their usual widely increasing income otherwise …

hi,how can i get download there is anther charges and how can find this calendar design ?

hi if u want to buy an item here u have two options, either u put in the card and process when finished or if u have only one thing to buy, u click “buy now” and follow instructions