Resume Rejected

Hi everyone. Just reject my resume. Anybody can help me to find out the reason.

Please give your advice to improve.

Best Regards

Your typography, hierarchy, alignments and white space are completely off. You need to start over and learn each aspect.

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hi think about it , there is no or almost no graphic design in this template … would anybody would save time to buy this instead of doing themselves ? well for professionals not this much and in the end , this is very likely that they would rather opt for doing by themselves as , one way or another, as such , they would have to improve a lot of things too …

  1. hierarchy
    saying that u have no hierarchy would not be accurate but the thing is that a lot of things fail to pop up as expected , u need to play a bit ore with font variations , in particular when it comes to the title

  2. general style and global lack of originality
    this is a bit flat and thus this is far from being either outstanding or original

  3. icons
    they are too flat and not valued enough and as such u do not manage to break the flatness of the overall style

u lack graduations in the “experience” block so that it looks a bit too much as a block

  1. alignments and lay out
    you have some text organized “press way” with columns and hard to understand where this is coming from , plus the thing is that it makes the general lay out look disorganized indeed

  2. spacing
    make sure that all is very professionally executed , right now it looks like that space between categories are not the same … set some guides everywhere to make sure … spaces between categories should be bigger than between sub categories, this is also what hierarchy is all about …

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Hey man, love your detailed reviews! Having fun watching this while I also learn for myself!!

Keep it up bro :smiley:

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i try to help as much as i ca and i am happy that u appreciate it and find it useful :slight_smile:

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what is “graduation” ? :smiley:

kind of hierarchy if u which , playing with variations

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