Why my first Resume rejected, help please

Hello, please guide me why my first submission rejected

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With respect this is way off the standard especially in a greatly crowded category.

The concept is very outdated and numerous design fundamentals are overlooked including:

  • typography including fonts (esp. the sidebar titles), hierarchy etc.

  • margins, alignment and spacing are very inconsistent throughout main content and sidebar

  • the interests section really doesn’t work

  • copy and paste content is lazy and unfinished

  • everything feels very cramped and squashed

  • the cop/content you have for each of the main sections a) would never be the same for different types of info and b) is very unrealistic of what this content would actually look like

The best advice anyone can give you is to take the time to refine your skills and explore the high selling items in the marketplaces to get an understanding of the necessary attention to detail and expectations.


Thank you very much sir.
Yes you are right in every point.
I have to take a more time to explore many resums in the market to be more proffesional.

hi i would personally say that the whole thing is slightly lacking of finesse indeed, as , for me, some elements are too big in a general way and this is bringing a negative visual impact in the end of the global document. For me u also have a major issue when it comes to typo, the style of the name and function really not matching at all with all the rest of titles and so on … u have a very small refined part (name and function) in a classic style but quite attractive visually and some way more massive, modern and high impact for the titles and all of this put together does not work , not to mention that it brings u to have to deal with hierarchy problems too , since the name and function pop put less than the general titles when it should be the other way around … the global style is too compact and this is particularly obvious with the part in the grey stripe … icons and content are too close from one line to the other and if u ask me maybe u have too many categories, maybe taking out one would be welcome so that the elements there can “breath”
in the white part beware of the spacing between categories … block of texts should be slightly close from the related titles and u should have a way bigger space under the paragraph in the professional skills section and the graphics under …

Thank you very much sir
i will start a new design and take care of every point you have explained to me

pls do not call me “sir” pls but Nico or n2n44 if u really want to, otherwise i feel like u are addressing my father lol

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