MY resume Got Rejected. Can someone help me out Why?

for me u have a variety of issues indeed. The first one is a typo style one, i think that this is either lacking of combination and that the typo u used for titles is not working (maybe some people can feel a different way but this is how i feel). Afterwards u have to check that all alignments are properly done and at this stage i can clearly that all of them are , just like what happens with the vignette / picture , the spacing is not the same on top … u are thus violating a first basic design principle. This is something that u do again in the main body part as block of texts are unequally arranged in the available space …
then u are violating a second one as the contrast is not as good as it should be since u have texts crossing shapes and this is making the readability more difficult for both names and function which turn out to be essential pieces of information …
your icons are kind of too basic in my view, too. U also have a foot kind of really empty when the upper part is kind of dense, resulting in the document to lack harmony and “breathing”
i hope it could help u , just try to keep in mind that u need to bring a very professional item to the table once u submit for reviewing - so that u have a chance to have it accepted in such a saturated market - and make sure that u add an extra original touch too, whenever this is possible

Thanks for your Help…can you tip me some basic instruction for design resume?

focus on quality and a good typo in a general way , plus abiding by basic design principles