Resume Template was rejected

Hi Friends, I had uploaded the new Resume Template for review but it was rejected. I don’t know the actual reason. Could you please guide me so I will take care for those points in future creation. please help me. Thank you very much.

hi for me this is clean but the typoe part is a bit flat , especially when it come to titles and the hierarchy could be improved a bit , consequently, not to mention that personal info are a bit nowhere to be seen when they are very important

Please give a little bit clear idea for this.
thank you.

i cannot choose typo for u buddy , what i mean by that is that u have to make sure that u can bring a bit originality to the table and combine some fonts with each otherand make sur ethat important information spring out well

thank you my friend.

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u are welcome :slight_smile:

My Resume Template was rejected again.But why??? You guys, Do you have any idea.Please…give me clear idea about this resume.

hi buddy, well u still have some spacing issues between blocks in several spots
i think that the little squares are not a good idea , it look a bit old style
icon are too flat in my opinionand the typo is clean but u still have a nothing popping out that much, pls keep in mind that typo is essential here

Thank you for your helpful comments.

your design is ok, don’t look for too much mathematics in typography and spacing etc

you got rejected because it is like thousands others on the market so you can try with this next 10 times and maybe you are lucky and got accepted or just try make something original (which is difficult this days)

I saw many worst works than yours accepted on GR

you guys making here big debate about nothing :slight_smile:

@tiastudio my advice is to chill, take your time (and smoke :wink: ) - think… let the space works. When Idea comes to mind you know what to do in 1 second. Don’t copy others works… specially that simple works.

get it real :slight_smile: - if you need take one week off and buy some… :wink: - believe me you will come back from the galaxy and all your items will be approved :slight_smile:

peace ;]

LOL well if so why tons of items which turn out to be copies of copies of copies still go through … some guys have even portfolios made of copies of their own items - or of other guys’ works - same disposition, same style, and so on , just a bit different typo from one time to the other and colors background difference and all goes through … if u wanna see i show u …

I can ee it by myself :wink:

You have big discusion here about copy of copy of copy…