why rejected the resume Please help to improve my skill

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hi indeed this is global clean and i personally rather tend to like it, but, let’s face it, when this is rather too simple and when u get into such a minimalistic style nowadays, this is really hard to make it, for so many items in such a style have already been made in the past. Indeed, part of the deal is also that once u have taken out the guy’s picture, what do u have left in the main file? texts, lines, and a few icons … this is short , not to mention that there are things to say as regards to what u have here otherwise. The first thing to say , apart from the global style being made if very little graphic design is that the typo is sort of flat of really flat all the same. I assume that more variations, more font combinations and more touches of originality are required so that u ultimately end up with something offering more relief and more commercial potential in the end, as well. After that, the icon bar is pretty cool but the problem is that u messed it up with the address that breaks the harmony, balance and alignment that u could have without it indeed. The two lines are just not matching and kill what u have tastefully done otherwise. Lines to “underline” the titles maybe rather nice but the problem is that the length of these looks randomly determined and thus this looks less interesting. globally u have an issue when it comes to hierarchy for the reasons that i started to explain in the typo part but not only , as there is very little color variation as well and he graduation of importance of the written information is being made confused because of the the bit strange combination of bold non bold depending on categories, too. Some subtitle look bolder than some of the titles and i tend to believe that emphasizing the first name rather than the last name is counter intuitive too, not to mention that the function is being lost in the mix too. Besides, i tend to believe that for a variety of reasons, including coherence, hierarchy and imbrication , among other things, indeed, this would have been better to have the function being placed after / under the name. Pls also keep in mind that this is a template. This means a lot. This means that u need to align everything perfectly as much as possible so that the preview looks as perfect and pro as possible. In this case , the problem is that the expertise and and reference should be aligned vertically (i mean the bottom of both blocks). Talking about the expertise, as all details matter , failing to write the word properly does not help u lol


Thank you for spending your valuable time

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u are welcome if u have enough clues of what to do with you item , pls check the solution box :slight_smile: good work and good luck :slight_smile: