Why Rejected my resume again and again?


This could sound harsh, but please take this as a review to improve upon.

To be honest there is nothing special in this resume template. So just think about it yourself, why would someone buy your template when they can get better templates for free online. Above all this, your template does not even have proper margins and padding.

thank you for giving me good information//,check it …

hi i think that u have a good collection of things to fix indeed. First of all the global style is definitely simple and it takes u some extra efforts and to push the envelope graphic design wise not only to take your game to the next level but also to give a better commercial potential too …

the name and function re too close from the edge and it globally takes a bigger margin between the right edge and the content so that the contents are breathing , at this stage this is choking

the spacing is not ok right now, the page is crammed in the top part but the footer is very empty, besides the space between paragraphs is not equivalent from one to the other and this is creating misbalance

the typo is simple, a bit too much for a place like here where much effort is expected about it , it would take ore originality , more variations, more font combinations so that u also strengthen the hierarchy of information and the global relief brought to the table in the document …

Thank you

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u are welcome