Hi, what are possible cause of this resume template

Don’t get me wrong but everything is wrong ( spacing, color, white-space, typo )
It looks like a free template

Suggestions to improvement

My suggestion is to learn the basics in graphic design and come back after you learn and practice. Without understanding the rules and principles in graphic design you have no chance to get approved here.

Bro, please mention mistakes

Typography throughout needs improvement esp. font choices, hierarchy and readability

  • Alignment is off between different elements

  • Spacing and margins are inconsistent e.g. around the expertise container

  • Content areas are very small e.g. experience only allows for 2 roles

  • Copy and paste copy eg education looks lazy and unfinished

  • Reference info is basic and misplaced

These are just some examples and not a finite list. With respect the whole thing needs rethinking and you need a better grasp on the basics

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hi , indeed, if u ask me there are a variety of reasons for your resume template to be rejected , starting with the fact that u are breaking most of the graphic design principles to a bigger or lesser extent, actually. The fact of the matter is that there is much to say , so let’s get into deeper details.

1- contrast
there is a combination of reasons for this but text colors and size, lack of boldness or such things are responsible for the text not to be popping out of the background and the there multiple consequences to this that I will further detail in the following points, pls check it out, as there are some impact on readability, exposure, hierarchy of information as well

2- readability
I guess that u can identify that when text are in the wrong color and do not have any decoration to patch up for the mistake , then , quite logically enough the text is hard to read, indeed. Here the contact info is simply impossible to read , when this is part of the most important part … Besides, pls let me remind u off the fact that this is a corporate item here, u maybe offering some thing not super creative , which is not necessarily good but it may be fine, as long as absolutely everything is arranged properly with the content otherwise, as long as the final result is professional and clean all the way.

3- exposure
this is directly linked to the lack of contrast, some of the main info is not being valued as expected ,while this is the other around that people are waiting for indeed.

4- hierarchy of information
in a well organized and well prepared corporate template , u must have apparent levels of hierarchy and all that needs to spring out should do instantly. This is not what u have here and and u have some pretty important things being treated like secondary or even tertiary information. The personal contact information is a pretty good example of this , actually. While about it, which is something that no one really cares about is treated as a title, being overly valued and so on, at this stage, which makes very little sense to say the least

5- spacing
this is another basic design principle and thus something not to mess with. The problem is that u did and the space between the same categories is not the same, look before and after the “experience bloc” and the “eduction” one, I assume that this imperfectly demonstrating what I am dealing with

6- alignment
well , as I expressed above, in a corporate item u cannot expect the template to mess with so many basic design principles and make it for sale. Alignment looks pretty irrelevant as for now with such things as the reference block not being aligned with expertise and languages, not to mention that this issue is being paired with another one that makes matters worse, pls check the next point

7- flagging
indeed, u have text being flagged in different ways and this is bringing some disorder and unprofessional feeling to the table , as well as visual disharmony in the meanwhile, too. While flagging the header in the middle while u flagged it all on the left otherwise?

8- global style
as i mentioned , this is not necessarily the most important part in the first place but what u have here is really simple - which brings another issue to the table , if ask me, pls check the next point - but this does not hurt if the people feel like that u have generated much work and creativity in what u have created. The problem is that, as for now, this is not really what happens. There is no real originality in anyway, right now. The background consists of plain color shapes, there is no effect on the picture, and so on and so forth , so that there is no real additional value being determined by potential buyers, I assume …

9- commercial potential
indeed, for a buyer to buy the thing - and I tend to think that the way of thinking is the same for the reviewing process by the way - u have to either offer something that will make people feel like that they will save time out of buying or something that is felt as being offering something beyond people’s graphic capacity , s that this motivates them to spend money instead of doing on their own. The problem is u do not have anything like this here , no matter what we are considering, as there is no extra value, nothing that makes the work outstanding, unique, and look really worked out or professional enough to initiate such a feeling in the first place. Pls put yourself in the shoes of a potential customer and analyze what u have left once u have taken out the picture of the girl from the main zip file and consider if this is enough. I personally assume that if u get this job done properly enough , at the moment, u will think that the template is not worth the drive buying as such

10- color range
for the color combination looks dull and rather very little attractive in my opinion, even for a really corporate theme, pls keep in mind that for such a document to be efficient, it takes the resume to somehow some way stand out among a pile of CVs. For me the kind of colors that u have here are not insuring this right now

I hope it could you , pls also identify that all the categories are more and more busy and that getting anything approved will take u a good deal of work and effort and also possibly at the very least a touch of originality , as well

thanks for this review