why resume /CV design has rejected

can you tell me why my RESUME /CV was Rejected ?
it is designed in 4 colors and PSD and word , but i dont know why rejected .

hi well u are miles away from standards here with this item, sorry to tell the ugly truth but i’d better be honest with u …
actually there is so much to tell that i have trouble identify what to start with …
1- typo
this is in the best case, super flat and very far from the very high expectations that are being asked to authors here , no matter where they are submitting as a category … the thing is lacking variations, font combinations, touches or originality and relief too …
2- hierarchy
there are some strange choices as regard to hierarchy, pls keep in mind that the most important information tun out to be the more they are expected to be easily seen , readable and identified, the more they are supposed to have decoration and so on …
3- alignment
this is quite obvious visually that the way u aligned blocks , especially in the right side is not the proper one … the fact of the matter is that u are expected to have everything perfectly aligned and definitely really pro , especially in such a type of item where there is not so much graphic design …
4- global style
as mentioned in point 3, the global style is too flat, too plain , not original enough and even not aesthetic enough i might add, too … this is resulting from the combination of all what say otherwise but not only as indeed, u need to push the envloppe graphic design wise. At the moment, the whole design consists in a small vignette, a few circles and a set of flat icons …
5- breathings
the way the text is organized is choking, , this looks too compact , too dense, not clearly separated enough and so on …
6- harmony
to be honest this is coming from a bit all together but in particular about colors …
7- colors
colors and not matching well, they are not only no complementary or whatever , but they are also lacking contrast … which in the end end ups ruining the hierarchy …
8- contrast
the lack of contrast between texts either brings disharmony but also kills the hierarchy that u have tried to install otherwise
9- spacing
u have spacing issues , in particular in the left hand side and as far as top and bottom margins go … pls figure out that , as u are determining the amount of content included and so on , well ua re also expected to have everything matching , being aligned and so on and in particular when it comes to spacing


thank you so much to reply and complete answer …
it was my first design and i’m amatuer designer
there is another question : is it possible thath the design been rejected because of using free picture (without liscence ) in profile photo ?
or because of using free mockup for introduction (see below pic)?

Because nobody will get hire if apply for a job using your template. It looks like a joke.

No, that’s rarely, if ever, the reason for a hard rejection. In this case it’s purely due to overall quality and your understanding of design.

That’s not say that you should give up though, but Envato is meant for professionals. While yes, many people improve quite a lot while being here, you should still have a certain level of advanced experience/knowledge of the subject that you’re trying to sell.

hi , u should open a new thread for such another “review” for another item … especially as there is much to say , to say the least …
1- global style
hard to say something like this without looking a bit harsh, but i’d better tell u “the ugly truth”, the fact of the matter is that the global thing is far from standards in my view. Indeed, at this stage, u have close to no graphic design here and this would take u to push the envelop much , indeed. If i sum up what u have , this is lines, blocks of texts, a photo meant to be replaced, very simple icons , see point 2
otherwise , as a sideway note, i must say that globally this is super dull color wise
2- low commercial potential
this is directly linked to point 1 indeed, look, why would people by something that they could redo something rather easily and quickly without requiring “incredible skills” (this is the bottom line)? well , i guess in most cases, if u see that u will not save much time, u decide to save money and do it by yourself. in the same extent, why would reviewers accept an item with a potential close to 0?
3- typo
the bottom line is that , at the moment, what u are offering is very flat , this is basically lacking of a bit everything, including variations, font combinations, touches of originality and somehow some way everything generating some relief , actually. Right now, u are very far from GR’s high standards when it comes to typo, no matter where u are posting, expectations are high and this part should in no way be considered lightly, regardless of the category where u are posting indeed.
4- hierarchy
this is more or less linked to the fact that u did not manage to create a real relief globally … nothing is outstanding, the content is flat overall, when there should be several levels of reading, i mean easily distinghed (at first glance) primary and secondary information at the very least
5- spacing
spaces between categories, sub categories and so on seem to be varying throughout the document. If u want to create a really professional looking item , identified this way, u need to make sure that all is perfectly arranged about this … pls keep in mind that this is a template and that, for this reason, this is rather easy insofar as u can adapt the content also to make sure that all is matching perfectly
6- alignment
ard to identify why u have been opting for usa a ver big gap between the subtitles of the experience section and the details of it … this looks really awkwardly managed as for as space goes and in addition, no doubt that this will be really not convenient for potential users of this item, to say the least
7- goals
i guess that this is worth the drive mentioning something in the section. Nowadays, lots of companies receive tons of cvs for every job position being offered and this is easy to assume that candidates must not want to be just another of these very “transparent cvs” and that for this matter, they are certainly expecting to get to buy something that will value them, make them differ from “rival candidates” , and, honestly , here we have everything but the other way around … this takes me logically to point8
8- colors
part of what was evoked in point 7 is about colors , as i already mentioned colors are very dull in the a general way and not helping but in addition, the kind of monochromic types of hues that u are using are not outstanding , nor good looking or looking outstanding either … think about something ore “out of the box” but with colors that makes sense - using complementary colors, shades of the same (but more punchy) or theme code colors, which are safe choices - and which will bring both originality and relief to the table …they will be ultimately more “selling” for u too …
9- contrast
in some cases, the contrast between text and background is not really high enough and sometimes u are in the verge of violating the concerned basic design principle, which is not a good idea …
10 -presentation
pls think about the fact that the preview is a mirror of your item and that this is very essential for u to manage to make what u want to sell look good through the mentioned presentation … this implies giving it the proper care of course but also making the right choices of color declinations and so on … no need to display a color type that is everything but diverting reviewers from accepting and potential buyers from buying, if u know what i mean …
pay attention about the text that u display in the preview, use quality typo, makes sure that texts are readable and that there is breathing too , what u have here is too compact … make sure that u do not use “mammoth-like” font size for the preview, this makes the preview look very amateurish and non-mastered. Besides, same goes with this horrible text with a huge uneven yellow stroke indeed … do u realize that there is a far thicker stroke than text in te forts place? lol
11- balance
make sure that u do not have a very crammed upper part and a very empty bottom one like in the “letter part” , your document must be well balanced, have more space for the header and no ocean of white space at the bottom of it … once again this is a template and u have the possibility of arranging things so they look good, so no excuse in this case, people will wait for u at the corner …
12- coherence
Emma fredrikson with a man picture?! lol man, do not tae it personally, i just joke a bit , but what i want to underline is that this is the kind of detail that makes you item not really professional and really hurts … besides, is this really legitimate to have the function being so very small compared to the name? i personally do not think so , as the person will probably want to underline why he / she is applying for the job …
13- target and niche things
as for me, what is a problem for me , this is that this is sort of too generic and that there are tons of such things already in the market … so unless u definite a target and get to offer a content according to it, this looks in the end more than flat to say the least … why not having an activity transpiring form the design ?
14- other points
pls do not put such things as “modern and beautiful” on top of the preview, not only is this looking infatuated but in addition, both of these two terms can definitely be discussed … the effort should be placed in the graphic design to promote your item, not in the words u are using and that maybe not accurate to say the least …