Resume Rejected (Why?)

Hi guys!

After a lot of time that I invested building this resume, just got an email from Envato that the Cv is rejected because it doesn’t meet the quality standards. It also says that I cannot resubmmited it.

Any idea why it’s been rejected?


hi there , pls with all due respect u have a matter style in the first place, tis is really gloomy at this stage … too many dar color things in a general way. The round vignette for the picture without a real picture inside is not a good idea indeed as this is decreasing the impact of the visual, nit to mention that right now u need to push the graphic design envelope and put more efforts and originality in the visual part …u also have very big issues of spacing … the upper part is crammed and there is no breathing while there is a very big white gap at the bottom … u need to make sure that your whole document is balanced … not to mention that the header is very compact it would take more space between the edges and the information inside so that all is more valued, aesthetic and readable too

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if u ahem enough clues u can choose to check the “solution” box , good luck and good work :slight_smile:

Thank you very much!

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u are welcome good luck and good wok buddy , i cross fingers for u for the next submission :slight_smile:

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