Rejected resume

Hi. Wish u all in Good Performances

My first Resume + Cover letter has been rejected. An Email from envato said : We found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward

This is my design

Resume :

Cover Letter :

Kindly lend me your hand by review and technical advice. I’m still confuse for re-create new one

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Hi @yongkru

Sorry for I say you that you resume is too basic no design same as for example in graphicriver approved.

I give you a advice that you can see other design in graphicriver approved for give some idea but don’t copy same 100% you resume.


hi this indeed , sorry to say just this, but very far from current standards.The fact of the matter is that u have an issue about global style in the first place, as not only is that the style too simple / basic but this is also super dark to say the least and this all impacts the commercial potential of your item and thus the possibility for u to manage to have the item accepted , as, why would they approve a file that they have the guaranty that this is not going to sell? the first problem commercially speaking is that this can de redone quite quickly and , for that matter, people will opt for redoing rather than buying , so u need to push the envelope graphic design wise, m introduce some originality , graphic design elements and even try to identify a target would be welcome. Besides , talking about target , this one is too restricted if u ask me as the black color like this will make people, for a good number of them, choose something that is clearly and looks less gloomy , since they are supposed to “sell themselves” through the resume

otherwise, the typo is indeed very flat , this is lacking variations, font combinations and originality and this is impacting the hierarchy of information in a general way, as nothing is really popping out nd people cannot really manage to observe major observations at the first glance

u also have an issue with the top right part being super empty and not matching with the rest of the header if u wish …