My 15 resume templates Has been Rejected

I’m Newbie on the graphicriver, My 13 to 15 resume template has been rejected due to quality standard.
Please help me

what mistake i am doing?? I’m not understanding it.
Many days of Efforts & Time Has been wasted because of this

Need Assistance

Thanks & Regards

You didn’t make any big mistakes in your work, it looks clean and nice…

… it looks clean… and nice, looks pretty normal -> as thousands other resumes on the market, and if we are judging design itself I think this may be the reason. You have to come up with something new and fresh. There are tons of resumes like yours.

This is what I think :wink:

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hi as for me i think that @Novocaina said is pretty accurate indeed , i assume that part of the issue with what u have here is as regard to the global style failing to introduce originality enough and also being maybe a bit too flat graphic design wise, hence the sort of lack of originality in the end … think about it , what is the additional value that u have here? graphic design is made of a few icons, and lines … do not get me wrong, i think as Novocaina said that what u have here is clean …but i assume that u should “push the envelope design wise” so that u take your item to the next level in terms of commercial attractiveness …

In next days I will make some resume and I will put this in review for the market and then I go back here and show you how you can make very popular resume in crazy original way :slight_smile: stay tuned (first I have to finish works I started) - I think this will be better lesson than my words :slight_smile:

what is your opinion & Feedback??? @DesignSomething

As @Novocaina said your resume looks clean but there are too many similar design already accepted.
You need to create something different. Something like this:

But i think so, resume template should be More Professional @DesignSomething

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As I told you your design is to similar with other designs already accepted. Resume templates can be very creative also not only in this old sober style. Depend what you want? To get approved and compete with over 3000 other similar design and sell nearly nothing or create something out of the box that probably sell much better.