Item has been rejected on graphicriver. Why?

My first template has been rejected. What is wrong with that design Can anyone give me an advice how can i improve it?
" We have completed our review of “Resume/CV Template” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward…"

hi, well the fact of the matter is that what u have done, though cleanly organized is definitely lacking graphic design. It would be welcome if u could introduce a bit more originality and elements , and basically push the envelope graphic design wise so that what u have created gets ore worked out and has a bigger commercial potential as well … the typo is lacking variations , originality and font combinations and this is ultimately flattening the hierarchy of information and all this has an impact on the way people feel about what u have here … icons are a bit too simple, they look like photoshop presets. For all these issues, pls keep in mind that this is a saturated market that u have to deal with and that , for that matter, a lot of things have already been done, so that new submissions must bring something fresh to the table …