My Template got Rejected, Why?

Hi, I recently submitted this brochure template, but it has been rejected. I am new in graphicriver, I need help to review my work. Please give me your feedback. Thank you so much :smiley:

hi well i see a good ccollection of reasons for your item to be rejected indeed. The first one is that the typo in a general way is far from being good enough for here, as the focus here is very much on typo, font combinations and so on. U have an issue about sizes, too, some of your titles are definitely lacking refinement and do not look harmonious with the rest , starting with the logo … using a modern non serif font for the logo and using the other way around for the main title is clearly not a good idea if u ask me …

besides, in a general way u have the same kind of refinement issue with the lay out and graphic part, elements being too big, too massive, as well

the global item is lacking having more “variety” to offer as there are only a few (very big elements) in every page … and globally redoing the same would not take so much time and thus the interest that people may feel about your item is decreasing gamely in the end …

u are also violating a major basic design principle as u have things clearly not being aligned to say the least. If u want to figure this out have a closer look at the “available item” page, stripes are not at the same level and the eyes get lost in the process, not to mention that it doesn’t look harmonious to have this disposition

te following double page is not any better blocks of texts are not aligned with pictures, plus they are strangely organised in the page in the meanwhile

finally the global graphic part is definitely flat and lacking some time and attention

u have a whole lot of work ahead, good luck buddy , i hope next time , u can get accepted , after following recommendations :slight_smile:

Thank you for your review… I’ll learn more and more again . :blush:

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do your best and pay attention to quality this is the best advice that i can provide u with , as, no matter what happens, it will be useful for u on the longer run. Time , efforts and attention should pay off