My Template is Hard Rejected .. Any Help Guyz what wrong in My Template... Help Needed..

hi , well indeed for me the rejection is legitimate indeed. the whole thing is too plain in the first place and lacking some originalities that ;make it different from other items , only the lay out is a bit original but the problem is that the whole design is not impressive enough visually speaking. sorry to say just that but this is the way i feel , even if i know that u have been working on your projects and that u did your best. on of the issues is that there is nothing popping out so to speak , whether this is aout typo or more graphic elements


Thank you…

Yep, l agree with n2n, too plain, and too simple!

One of the model images was also stretched, pretty much guaranteed to get it rejected with stretched elements!


this is ok, do not give up a bit more work and sone specific work on what was mentioned and give an additional try :slight_smile:

yes u are right Shane, besides sorry my friend for not yet replying your email thanks a lot by the way :slight_smile:

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