Another Hard Rejection

Hello, recently I’ve been submitting a couple of files in the print templates category, and all of them have been hard rejected. Honestly, I don’t know what to improve or change as I consider them to be better than the designs that have been approved :confused: I would like to get some feedback on one of my recent designs, so I can improve the template and improve as a designer.
Thank you so much, and please be honest no matter how horrible my designs are :joy:


The type layout doesn’t look tidy enough. For example the logo with “our company” beside it, the way it’s not aligned with the text below doesn’t look good. Plus some of the text doesn’t look like it has a big enough margin from the edges. Overall the type just isn’t professional enough yet.

Hi @EliteVision, yes nice, but there are a few things.

The back looks good, and there probably isn’t anything there that would allow for a hard reject?

But the front, the text is done in too many colors, and looks a bit patchwork.

And the main blue city bar running through the middle is probably the main reason, it seems to stop, or there is a 1 cm difference between the right hand part and the middle.

Or it looks like a mistake? There might be other issues, but since l do flyers, that is the best observation l can offer.

But overall a nice design.


@Toivo-Media Thanks for the feedback, I’ll keep that in mind :wink:
@tmcom thanks for the feed back, I’ll try to change the color and see what I can do


hi Elitevision, to tell you honestly how i feel , u have an interesting base to work with, however it ail take u some extra effort to have the thing reaching the next level and being approved too. The first thing, as Toivo / martin mentioned is that u have to pay attention to alignments. At this time, what u have doesn’t look well arranged enough when this is one of the most important requirements for corporate items. IN addition, u are slightly lacking transitions between elements and they look a bit like pasted in some places, there’s a bit like of homogeneity in a way and this is hurt the aesthetic and the organization a bit … . PLus, it would be cool if you could add a few trendy elements or originalities so that the thing looks more attractive for buyers and they see some additional value in what u did. This way they will identify that they save some time by not getting the job done on their own …

Thanks man for your feedback, I really appreciate it :wink: I’ll try to make some changes and submit it again.
By the way, I really admire your work :+1:

u have a positive attitude buddy to try to identify what’s not good enough and what u have to rework and this positive attitude will bring u to the next level for sure , so keep up working and doing your best , do not lose courage or whatever , just persevere and everything will be alright :wink:

thanks also for the compliment, u know, it’s been taking me 13 years of hard wrk to get to be where i am today and believe me that was not always easy but i kept on fighting , i am the living proof that u can really push the limits of what u can do out of strongly willing to do. thanks again for beautiful compliment buddy it’s a true reward for me :wink: