Hard reject. Why? I try to learn but need Feedback.

Hi i got now 3 hard rejects in a row with no clear reason why my templates are not good enought. I am not angry. Sure a bit frustrated. I only want to understand why my designs not good enought? They are layered an labeled all Fonts are listed etc.

Thx for Help.

hi i think that in a general way u are expected to have more effort in the typo and the way u combine fonts , when u have , at this stage, very little font variation inside each flyer indeed. plus this is hard to “buy” that the disposition of the first one, the western one, since this looks neither realistic nor appropriate to have a crossing wooden bar on top of a old paper back structure, and i tend to believe that your item look way greater if u had the wood texture directly inside the text, itself directly put on top of the landscape decoration