Need Feedback please :) ( Design Hard rejected )

Hello guys

Just need an advice , i dont get it but my designs seem to keep on getting rejected where a recent design which i was 100% would be approved got rejected and i dont understand why :frowning: any advice would highly be appreciated


hi this is cool in a general way, harmonious, too, though u have several issues that i see indeed

1- alignement
this is the main issue in my view, this looks like that u placed things randomly , in particular vertically speaking

2- text disposition
some texts are too close from the edge indeed , u should give texts and the document a “breathing” by increasing the space with edges …

3- readability
the footer is not very readable to say the least …

4- typo
this is clean but rather flat and lacking either originality and combinations indeed

5- “block effect”
on the left side the thing is that your block of text really looks like a block …

6- global text and style harmony
the left block of text really looks not in keeping with what u have in the right part …

Hey there,

Thank you so much for your feedback it really helped me look into my design and figure out the issues
really appreciate :slight_smile:

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u are welcome if u do i think u will take your game to the next level :slight_smile: give it a try … good luck and good work :slight_smile:

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thank you i am not loosing hope :slight_smile: already working on another design :slight_smile:

Can try – broken grid:slightly_smiling_face:

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according my experience - rather important here - people who say just this come up the next time and ask again why things were not accepted again when they where doing exactly the same mistakes …

Well i guess your experience must have been with such kind of people, im pretty sure the famous authors in here must have said the same at some point of time :wink:

i have seen so many guys do the same so i can tell that the very great majority of people who said that actually do the same mistakes over and over and over again and come back here to post … now u are free to choose the option u mentioned, but , in my opinion, reworking the same as a cool thing … u can see before and after and realize how the changes were worth the drive if done properly … this is up to u anyways