Again Rejected :-(

Hey Everyone,

Recently I’ve submitted a template and again it got rejected, so please go through my template and suggest me where I’m making mistakes again and again. Please provide feedback and tips, so that I could improvise myself by taking suggestions from you all.

Here is the link

Thanks in advance for feedback and tips.

Sorry but with all due respect this is never going to get approved

  • On bigger screens there’s white space right and bottom of the main content

  • On Typography is not good e.g. lack of styling, incoherent colours etc

  • Basics like spacing, alignment and padding all need work

  • nav bar does not fill the screen, footer is too basic

I’d suggest looking through successful items already for sale to get an idea fo the standard required here and start afresh

I’m with charlie4282 … really not ready for approve.

It is a very basic template.

You need to work hard and do not have the style or the minimum content to be approved.

Practicing day and night watches as the web is used today have to be aware of and learn about web design will take a while but only in this way can improve.

and do not resubmit that could block your account for repeated shipments.

Continue working

Good luck

Ehm, Google Chrome:

Ohh It’s too Outdated. Sorry to say that really but keep it in mind, When you want to be creative and create new things just start where other stops and from that try to add your touches and styles. Start from Themeforest market and scan every and each project. Wish you good luck

Hi @charlie4282 and thank you for your suggestions. Yes I will start afresh, but after studying successful items. Thanks again.

Hi @WordicaThemes and thank you.

Hi @TexTheme and thank you. Yeah I will not submit this template as it will block my account and will work hard. But I didn’t understand one thing, if you could reply for that then would be good for me. " do not have the style or the minimum content to be approved" I didn’t got this. Thanks again.

Hi @LLmotion thank you, well I will check and go through why it didn’t work properly on other resolution. Thanks again.

Hi @janxcode thank you, well I will go through each projects so that I could make a template which works good and looks modern too, thanks again I will keep all you points in mind.