Help us, Why my presentation template has been rejected?

Hi everyone, my item got rejected again by graphicriver. I always research before I start making a template, but a bit stress when my design always got rejected.

I am very appreciate if you give me some advice, critique and guide for how to get accepted.

Thank you for your help!

hi, i am not an expert for this type of item, though here what i think. I see a collection of diverse problems indeed. First of all the typo is globally rather flat and is lacking of variations, font combinations and most importantly of touched of originality and as this is a main focus here, i identify this as being a potential real issue / reason for this item not to make it fr sale. Otherwise, i have trouble a bit to identify a guideline in this item and i rather see a collection of assembled slides rather than a real coherent whole. I assume that u tried to offer many sort of slides but there should be a clearer guideline if u ask me, and i fail to see it this far here. Moreover, i think that not the whole color versions are not necessarily convincing and if i see offering several color set as a rather good thing u are losing the benefit of it if some colors do not work really well and tend to “hurt” the preview more than any other thing