WHY my Powerpoint template has been reject? Help me please....

Hi everyone, this my third item and got rejected by graphicriver. I always research before I start making a template, but a bit stress when my design always got rejected. I am very appreciate if you give me some advice, critique and guide for how to get accepted. Thank you for your help!


hi for me this is looking good, i am definitely not an expert for such items but i do not see so many mistakes design wise, globally. There are some small things as regard to hierarchy as some titles are not always springing out as well as subtitles or there are some texts that are not so easy to read since going over something else , like a divider or a complex image but globally this i looking quite fine for me. The thing that i am a bit worried about though is color schemes, , as they do not all look good and i guess that if the whole item issuing some of them, maybe u do not value your work this way

Looking good. Don’t know why the rejected it. Try to contact the support through email.

Thank you… I still not understand why My template has been rejected

Thank you for your comment, i really not understand why I always rejected.

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Hi, same issue here. but I suggest you to do research again from newest accepted template and learn how they do.

in a lot of cases there are issues of standards and saturation, standards having raised on many occasions due to the number of guys in town and the already subsequent number of items in every category