PowerPoint Template Rejected

Hi there

Is there any existing author that is able to guide me to get my template accepted. This is now my second attempt.
I’m so frustrated that this is now making me want to terminate my envato account. If I can’t make money of it, why am I going to give this company my money???

My template was hard rejected and I did more work than the first one. The template was designed after looking at other templates color schemes design etc. I designed in 2016, only one template, no color schemes etc.

  • inserted a help file
  • inserted slides of what the original looked like with images
  • one main file where the images were removed leaving only text and place holders
  • decided not to have animations on the second template

They could at least give some guidelines.I feel like I just wasted all my time even trying to submit to them and by the way it’s not as if their support is and templates are that great. The same goes for apps and website templates. some of it is complete crap. I’ve bought waaaaaaaayyyyy beter elsewhere.

I really hope someone can help me. Otherwise I’ll just close this account and advise most of my friends and other designers to use another service.

Out of genuine interest (and I appreciate being rejected is frustrating), if you don’t think much of the standards, existing items and support there then why continue to try and be approved here?

There will never be genetic guidelines unfortunately as it’s simply not possible with so many individual items even in the same categories let alone the rest of the marketplace.

If you want help then the best option is to share a few preview images (not a download or the the full item) here. Without being able to see what the item looked like then it is very difficult to advise.

For the same reason that I have purchased app templates, referred clients to purchase web templates etc. and found on “SOME” of them that
1 The support to some of them is crap to non existing
2 The standard / quality of some web templates clients bought were ridiculous (Note, not all)
3 The description and the product are sometimes not what it appears (which should be picked up by this extremely strict process)

For this reason I decided to create PowerPoint templates that are also easy to update for the beginner that needs a truly drag and drop experience. I also know that I am quick to try and help a client solve whatever issues, so it’s not just about making a quick buck.

I wouldn’t debate that here are files that don;t deliver the highest quality/support but would like to think that they only make up a smaller %.

With respect (and I am not a designer) the example images from your file, in some cases really resemble that already for sale but generally speaking feels like they could be improved in terms of typography, spacing etc.

Hi there

Thank you for the feedback Will create a few more templates using different fonts that other templates use and try and create something similar to other templates just to get started.