First Item - PowerPoint template Hard Rejected. Please help

Hello,I got hard rejection for this PowerPoint template I put so much effort to produce. This is my first work and the impression is not encouraging. I observed all the guidelines and reviewed both the best and trending items before producing mine. Please I will like to hear from you why this item was Hard rejected so that I will improve and also avoid making mistakes that will get my other items rejected. Please your reviews will help me a lot. Thanks.

hi for me this is due to the fact that u have a rather light graphic design part in the end … there are lots of slides with tables only, lots of slides have no work in the background, th typo is also clean but rather flat with maybe not enough variations and font combinations which results in the txt part being a bit flat / lacking relief indeed , this feeling being a bit reinforced for colors which turn out to be a bit monochord and dull a bit in my view


Thanks. Though the essence of the design was to show different types and designs of pricing tables only, I will take the necessary corrections and recommendations from you when submitting next. Just curious - Is it possible to submit this template when I must have added more slides taking your suggestions into consideration?

well i am not an expert for such items, i just try to share my long term experience as a designer in an attempt to try to help u … i assume that only the person could tell u really precisely the item was rejected indeed , this is not possible, so a few of us try to bring u some clues as much as we can … yes u can resubmit any item if you “bring significant changes” to it …

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Alright, thanks. I really appreciate

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