Feedback on Rejected PPT Template

Hi there - I recently received a rejection for this presentation template with the reason being that it “isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward”. Can anyone help me understand what could be improved / specific reasons why it was possibly rejected? Any and all feedback is much appreciated! Thank you!

You need to learn the basics. Typography, hierarchy, spacing, alignments, composition, colors. Without all of these you have no chance to get approved in presentations category.

hi i see a great variety of issues here … despite the fact that the preview is not really great to have a look at the different slides , which is a a first point indeed … look, after all, the preview file is the very first interface between u and the potential buyer or even the reviewer … the thing must detail things and enable people to see what u have to offer, but not only, as this should also most importantly again, valued the content that u have created … i can’t really say that this is what u have here … most of the slides look like thumbnails and hard to “detail” so that people know what they are buying … anyways, it’s time to get more into the item itself. For me one of the main problems that u have is the following one … titles are really far from being outstanding, from looking good and being given the proper attention and impact , this is partly due to the fact that u really need to bring more efforts when it comes to typo - more variations, more font combos, more originality touches - but not only, as u have to keep in mind that primary information must be seen at the first glance and that there should be declinations of elements according to their importance (use of caps or not, variations, boldness, colors and so on should be helping for this). Let’s face it, u are at least on the verge of violating the contrast basic design principle by placing some text in a color that is not contrasting enoughwith the background , as well as using too thin fonts sometimes. Globally the range of colors does not help, this is pretty dull and makes the whole content look monotonous. To be also honest 100% , some of the slides are definitely not looking good enough apart form making real sense , in the meanwhile , like the “matrixes” one … this also makes me think that the market has change greatly and that nowadays bringing too generic a style is not so good of an idea, since the marketplace and products are more bound to finding a niche rather than creating something that “may fit all” and which nowadays rather get drown ut of being flat and making targeted people that the item is meant for them, so to speak. Pls also keep in mind that this a template … in other words, u have to arrange things so that they look good, and u can even adapt the content for this . This also implies that no favor will be given to u if anything is not aligned properly , positioned in an optimized way and so on … one good example is the slide meant for the quote … where u end up putting only a few words and where the content is not well centered … for templates, this is unacceptable , if u wish … i guess u have to figure this out