PPT templates get rejected. Any feedback will be much appreciated.

We have received a rejection for this ppt templates with the reason being that it “isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward”. Can anyone help me understand what could be improved / specific reasons why it was possibly rejected? Any and all feedback is much appreciated!
The slides consist of 122 and the image only shows 12 of them. Thank you!

Your presentation is too flat and it doesn’t have a strong concept.

hi i rather like it personally but the fact of the matter is that u have to realize that u have a very serious issue here … contrast! this is not a small deal, as this is a basic design principle … and this is a horrible idea to mess with it as this jut brought u to be confronted with other issues in a snowball effect indeed … this bring problems of readability, hierarchy, and even of relief to the table. What is the point after all to have texts if they cannot be read and if they are hardly visible … the point is that what u have is harmonious but also inefficient when u have either white text on blue green bullets or that u have text crossing over a complex background . This obviously gets even worse when the text that is nothing but hard to read or not opting out turns out to be a title in addition. u also have to realize about something, too. This type of item is a corporate one , u are most importantly expected to bring everything flawless as much as possible when it comes to organization, arrangement , spacing, alignement and so on …everything must be strictly disciplined and positioned properly but look at the space on the left of "we are " or “team members” and on the right of “meet our CEO” the space is not the same … and from one slide to the other the same titles in terms of level are not in the same size , too …this is not arranged as expected in other words. I would like to add as well that icons do not bring anything to the table in this context since they are hardly visible on the bullet so that they are of no additional value in terms of graphic design and / or valuing the contents , in the end …

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