My PPT template has been rejected, I need some feedback to know what's the problem?

I recently uploaded my first template and unfortunately got a hard reject. As a first, I really was hoping I would get some feedback in order to correct it in case anything wasn’t completely right.

It is really discouraging to receive a rejection with no explanation to improve.
Here my preview and I really appreciate receiving criticism to learn more.

With respect this is fairly far off the necessary standards - there are all sorts of issue with typography, alignment, spacing, construction and hierarchy

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You are far away from what graphic design means.

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hi sorry to say just this but for me all u have here is rather basic and in addition, this is not even “classic but so perfectly executed” that the item can make it as such … the thing is that the global styles rather plain and i assume that once u have taken out non included items from the presentations , the thing mush look quite empty and definitely flat at this stage. There is an issue about typo and organizing texts in a general way , i do not feel that having justified texts in the middle like this is really working and helping when it comes to setting a really clean lay out indeed. In addition, the lack of variations , color changes , of font combinations and lack of originality touches are “digging your grave” in this case as this tends to keep the things left in the main file quite simple and flat indeed. When u add to this the fact that there are a good deal of mistakes as far as spacing and alignement go, u are limiting your chance to have the item accepted again. Pls keep in mind that those are basic design principles and that violating them alone can be the cause of your item to be rejected , especially for such a type of item where a lot of things are not part of the main, the focus becomes even more about typo and organization. Icons are rathe simple too and they are most importantly again not being valued, in other words, u cannot make their presence felt and bring more “graphic design” to the table. Some titles are also being placed too close from edges and this is preventing the concerned texts from breathing and from having the impact that they deserve. finally the disposition of a lot of picture seem to be random like and this is contributing to the global disorder that people are feeling in seeing your work at this stage

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the problem solved

thank you for all feedback and criticizing our template.

at first, we intended to create a clean theme as we researched another clean template but we forgot about spacing and lack of variations as well

Now, I realize that the template without a pictures looks so plain and flat.

Now we know what to improve
Many things to do

Thank you for the community

Much appreciated for this feedback, it really much more happy knowing the fact what should to improve.

I just realize that the template is flat and plain without picture and nothing special on it.

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hi u are welcome, happy if i could help :slight_smile: good work and good luck :slight_smile: